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Power Precision Screwdriver

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Micro-Mark sells a cordless power precision screwdriver and runs on (2) AAA batteries.  They also sell a chuck adapter designed for the screwdriver that takes drill bits from 1/64 to 1/8


I ordered the screwdriver, chuck and some mini drill bits.  They arrived yesterday.  The screwdriver is made by General.  It operates in forward and reverse but is single speed.  The speed is around 100 RPM, too slow for most drilling tasks.


I will probably put the chuck in my 12V variable speed drill when drilling, unless space constraints demand otherwise.  BTW, Micro-Mark sells the screwdriver for $27.25.  Amazon sells the same thing for $19.23.  Amazon also sells that same screwdriver with an LED light for $26.49.



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I'll use MM for some stuff that only they may carry. A lot of stuff may be cheaper from Amazon or any number of other stores, both online and the brick and mortar places. I probably have 9-12 shops bookmarked to see if they carry some widget I need/want. Pays to shop around.


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Hi Julie,


I may be a tad late with this, but I spent a small fortune (actually way to small to be called any kind of fortune) buying all kinds of chucks, adapters, collets, etc for my Dremel and other rotary type tools and was never happy with the results. Every one had so much wobble that if you tried to drill a 0.020" hole I was lucky if it came out 0.040" before the bit broke. Also, the slowest speed my variable speed Dremel would go is something like 3000 rpm. Luckily, my brother retired from his jewelry business and gave me his Fordom tool. It's a bit expensive but with the foot pedal you can get it to go from 0-25,000+ rpm with no run out. If you look on Amazon and EBay you can find some good deals. Since your just building up your modeling tool collection, it's the way I would go first time around.





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Hi John,


Before I got into doing shell inlay, I was looking at buying a Foredom.  I ended up going with Dremel.  I made up an on-off foot pedal and that really helped make the Dremel easier to use.  If I knew I was going to do a lot of inlay work, I could have justified the cost of the Foredom but I couldn't say that at the time.  As for doing another model after this one is done, I don't know.  I think I may have more work than I can handle very shortly. 





First and only build: Endeavour - 1934 American's Cup, UK Challenger, J-Class - Amati 1:35

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