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Question about Spinnakers & Stunsails

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I am a ship enthusiast and filmmaker.  I am currently working on a project that requires us to build a model of our ship for green-screen VFX shots.  We are building scale model of a late 18th Century full-rigged ship styled after the Columbia Rediviva at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA.


We want the ship to have an imaginative, fantastic quality to it and so we are considering putting two giant sails on both sides of the main-mast that would fly from the main topgallant mast all the way to the deck.  Would this be considered a spinnaker or stunsail?  Also, if this were a real ship, would it be even possible?




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Sails are heavy old things, just take a look the section size of a main Yard, that is required to be strong enough to support the Main Course.

TopGallant yards are pretty flimsy in comparison, any sail reaching much further down towards deck would just snap if off.

And if you built the Topgallant big enough that in turn would snap the mast in a blow.



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Speaking fantasmally, if you took in all the square sails on the fore mast, you could mount a huge spinnaker on that mast, I would think.  Check out the movie 'Wind'.  That sail might be big enough to go around most of the fore staysails.



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If you are willing to give priority to "an imaginative, fantastic quality" over "would it be even possible?", and using the wonders of models and computer graphics  over heavy canvas and spars, you might consider a pair of Spinnaker - like sails, with the heads attached to beefed up spars of your choice, the tacks attached at the rails or bulkheads, and spinnaker poles from the aft portions of rails to the clews, flying them "wing and wing" on a downwind run.


It'd b a heck of a ride if it worked.



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