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I'm about to start painting my Midwest Chesapeake Flattie and was wondering about priming it first. I have some light grey Tamiya surface primer but it says for plastic and metal on the can. Can anyone tell me if it would be suitable? Or if not what I should use.

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Ahoy Mates


I use Testors Dullcote Lacquer 1160 and brush it on. Dries fast and shrinks down to nothing. Seals the wood and can be lightly sanded to remove any fuzz. Doesn't raise the grain. Try it out on some sample wood sections to see how your other paint will stick to it.


Great points are it's clear,flat and doesn't add any thickness like pigmented primers do. So if you want the planking lines and wood grain or other details showing threw the primmer,this is great to use. You can brush it on without any brush marks showing when dry.


Like I said try it out as for combinations of paints over it and what wood you use it over.



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