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Could someone tell me

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This is the 1st ship I have made with sails and rigging.

My next one will not have the sails, I will just have the rigging.

What I would like to know is from the pic, what and how would I do with crew lines and bunt lines ( the red arrows ) ???

Would I just not put them on at all ???

Would I put them on and tie them to the yard ???

What is done on a real ship that does not have the sails on it???





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The clew lines are the easiest and most straightforward to answer.  The clew block, sheet block and tack block would all be hooked together (in practice the strops were actually passed through and around each other) and the clew block was hauled up almost to its leading block at the yard.


The buntlines, leechlines, and bowlines would either be unrigged completely or the ends would be hitched around the yard. Probably at the locations where they would end up if the sail were furled.

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