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Find paint for your new kit

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Hi Folks,


Simple question how do you find the right paints for your kit.


Im thinking to buy soon a new kit and i saw a very gool galleon from Heller although i can buy the kit here but i cant find the paint from hHeller here in Brazil. I have tried the following link




This looks awesome but it doesnt give me all the right colors so I was wondering how do you guys decide what kind of color from which brand to use?


Grtz Ray

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As a former paint sprayer I did on many occasions make up and mix my own paints, we all see colour in different ways and although I appreciate many companies offer what they say are original colours based on records changes in law meant that many paints now have to be user friendly, so no more leads, coppers etc. I tend to use acrylics for quick jobs as it dries fast and enamels where a quality finish on things like metal is needed with a longer brushing time. You can of course use spray paints which are used on cars etc for wonderful finishes.


Get some base paints like white, red, green, black and so on and attempt to mix your own for as little or as much as you need, I myself use model paints like humbrol, it can be a pain at time so the way is to go very slow and mix well before adding anymore as colour can sit deep and take a while to fully mix. With white, red, black, green, yellow and blue you can mix a wealth of various shades and colours. Always good to prime before painting as well as it allows a bond between the surface and the finished paint work but also allows you to see problems prior to placing the finish. You can use household paints as well, just do gentle coats rather than trying to do the whole task in one go. Hope that may help a little. By the way, ink can be a good finish, especially when over coated with a nice Matt varnish to remove any shine.

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I usually don't pay that much attention to paint schemes since over the decades most ships under went changing paint schemes. But if it were a historical ship with documented colors and I were building it as a commission for a client which requested historical colors then I would paint historical colors. But usually if it's mainly a display model that I'm building for myself or for sale then I would paint it the colors that I like.




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