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  1. If the worst comes to the worst drop the ladder into some nail varnish remover for a little while, it will take away the ca glue. May mean putting it together again. If you use a cotton bud and apply the nail varnish remover youd be able to thin it enough to wipe it clean.
  2. Looking superb indeed. I am going to do the revell 1:350 bismark kit after christmas (I am just finishing the rigging on my Supply) and want to do something different for a bit. I have some PE and am looking at components at the moment so I can put lights inside the ship. I must say, after looking at how tiny the PE is I am now wondering if my eye sight will finally fall apart. I noticed you are painting your PE, I have seen other ships where it is left in brass but I think id prefer to paint it as well.
  3. Not sure if you have it or have seen it, but there is a great book entitled "Nelson's Favourite: Hms Agamemnon At War 1781-1809. I am hoping to make this model at some point and the book is a nice little reference item to have.
  4. Well the brig is now hitting the rigging stage and I have now placed the standing rigging as per the plans, I have been looking at other builds to see any additions others may have worked out for extra rigging and am adding where I can. Im now planning the running rigging and have had to place blocks in new positions due to me not thinking ahead. But I'm pleased so far and it's just nice seeing a box of wood become something in the end. Cheers all terry
  5. Nice one Andrew, she is a lovely ship for sure. I read the notes for some of the completed builds on here and they helped big time. I have just finished the standing rigging on my own supply and now planning and working out the running rigging. I went for windows at the rear of the ship which I sourced from dolls house shops and decided I didnt like the white finish on the hull and went for a varnish finish. Been on it for 14 months now and it has been a great learning kerb. So ill pull up a plank and follow along. Terry
  6. Many thanks. Good tip for ageing.... Rub some yoghurt into the copper, the bacteria will start the ageing process 👍👍
  7. Hi all, As many will know, they are now using the pink scheme on HMS Victory which made me wonder if all the ships connected to Nelson or the fleet at Trafalger were of the same scheme. I decided to write to the restoration boss at Victory to pose the question and below is his reply which makes for interesting reading, especially if anyone has it in their mind to do a repaint of any model they have. I am hoping to try HMS Agamemnon at some point and am looking into the pink scheme for her, even though as you caan see from the mail, they have no information as such. Regards Terry Terry, Thanks for the email. Unfortunately, there appears to have been fairly wide discrepancy across the fleet for how colours were mixed. Below is a table that gives details of the data I have for ships, aside from Victory, in the run up to Trafalgar. Ship Date Purpose Stores Consumed Ratio Yellow:White Temeraire 20/11/1805 Sundry work of the ship and boats Paint, yellow, 80lbs 1:0 Thunderer 28/09/1805 Painting new work and mending ship’s sides and sundry parts Yellow, 70lbs, white, 50lbs 7:5 Thunderer 01/10/1805 Painting the ship’s head and stern, quarter deck, poop and freshening the sides, painting the launch, fire buckets &c. Paint, white, 80lbs, yellow 96lbs 5:4 Ajax 26/12/1805 Painting the boats and freshening the paint on the stern Paint, white, 50lbs; yellow, 100lbs 2:1 Revenge 17/10/1805 To painting the ship’s topsides Paint, white, 44lbs; yellow, 130lbs. 3:1 Revenge 01/06/1806 Repairing the paint on the ship’s sides Paint, white 88lbs, yellow, 92lbs 1:1 Prince 28/09/1805 Painting the ship’s sides and weatherworks, and refreshing the paint in other places Yellow, 200lbs 1:0 From the above table, it can be seen that the British ships at Trafalgar had sides painted with paint that was either pure yellow (Prince, Temeraire), used a mix of two or three parts yellow to one part white (Ajax and Revenge prior to the battle) or used a mixture that was (or was close to) equal parts yellow:white (Mars, Thunderer) Unfortunately, I have not come acrioss any evidence for the specific manner in which HMS Agamemnon was painted. I hope the above is of some interest, and apologise for being unable to offer greater assistance. Kind regards, Andrew
  8. She looks absolutely stunning Hennie, that sideboard she sits on really does make her stand out. Can I ask how the dolphin mounts are placed, does the aggy just rest on them or are they fixed to her? kind regards terry
  9. I was wondering the same Jorgen, if Victory's colours were specialist to Victory herslf or the colour scheme was associated with the other 33 ships at Trafalger. I want to have a go at HMS Agmemnon one day so I would be interested to know, I might send an email to the victory restoration team. Just to say also... if anyone has the caldercraft HM Brig Supply model, have a look at the colour of the box around the edges, it is actually very much like the colour they are now repainting victory with.
  10. Red lead itself was not as brilliant as the final finish, it was used as a part of the original finish as normally it is a dull colour mainly used in its own right as a primer of metal. Of course lead in paints is now as such banned in the UK so i'd be interested to know what they have used as a substitute. The linseed oil gave the gloss sheen but that is a great red for sure. Nice video, and when I get round to building my Victory I will certainly use the new colours.
  11. Hi all Wondering if anyone may have a copy of " BUILDING THE SWAN CLASS SLOOP PEGASUS 1777. Volume III by Greg Herbert" at a reasonable price. I am after working on the HMS Pegasus model and want to use the book as a means to get information and ideas. The book is available but at a rather hefty peice so I thought i'd see here first. Many thanks Terry
  12. Thanks Micheal, I read the chapter 1 practium a few times and there seems to be some pretty drastic cutting going on, but I am looking for a project that will make me work so to speak. I think your views on the ebony I may grab as I suffer from respitory issues so I dont fancy the dust issues on that. Will be good to see you move on with this project, it will be a couple of months before I gather everything together to make a start due to funding, but I intend taking this on once I have finished my brig supply. Regards Terry
  13. Does the change in the bulkheads mean you no longer follow Bobs practicum? I had a look at doing this build and read bobs free chapter 1, but I don't know how harder it may get, so would welcome any feedback as to ease or non ease as such. Many thanks Terry
  14. Just spotted this build E.J, looking glorious indeed so I think I shall pull up a plank to sit on and watch if I may. Would love to know how you wire up lights ect as its something I'd like to attempt but I don't have the technical know how. regards Terry
  15. Hi Paul, fantastic job mate, shows what can be achieved if you put the hours in to the detail. Can I ask, with the build being a 1:94 scale, where did you ounce the copper for the hull? Was looking at doing the CC build sometime but the cost is unreal, so may look at this build myself hence the plating. many thanks terry

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