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Help on the stern of my build please?

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Hi there all,

I'm after some help here please...


I've done most of the fairing on my first build (Amati Bounty).


I've blocked in the bow and most of the stern. I now need a little help.


How (and how much) do I fair down the supplied plywood blocks that are fitted at the stern/keel/rudder post?


Could someone possibly describe with words and (if possible), pictures/sketches/photos.


Many thanks. Phill


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Phill, its hard to to provide you specific guidance with this kit, but from  my experience this is one the trickier tasks that makes a big difference to getting the shape right.  Typically on the kits, the front edge of the bulheads at the stern are the correct shape, and then you need to remove material behind it to get smooth line.  I would use a sanding block (larger piece of wood wrapping sandpaper around it) to get a nice run.  Start with coarser grain and gradually get finer.  Sometime, the bulkheads do need some adjustment to get a smooth line building up or removing material), its something only you can judge.  Bottom line, take your time until you get a result you are comfortable with the result.  Laying a wood strip over the curves can help you see how the lines are developing and whether they flow well.  I'd also suggest starting a build log if you haven't already.  Best of luck.


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Hi Jason,


Thanks for responding (I'm glad SOMEONE did!)


I think though, by the time I read your answer, I'd pretty much worked out the answer and implemented it!


I filled the gap with balsa filler and then faired the stern blocks down to (pretty much) the width of the false keel (see photos)

I'm pretty sure this will get me toward the required profile.  The first layer of planking will take a fairly severe sanding as I've already found with the first couple of planks...  But more of that on my build log. :10_1_10:

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