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hello to all, I need help in finding pre-cast white metal gunports frames with tabs on the sides for the royal Louis by mamoli. I bought a kit on e-bay and these parts were missing. contacted the seller about the missing parts but he said he doesn't have any or where to look for them. hope someone with knowledge on ships can help me out thanks in advance terry

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You might check Ages of Sail (one our sponsors with the link on the front page).  I believe they have metal ports but not sure if any of them will work for you.  Worst case would be to make the linings out wood.

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I doubt anyone will have these,to my knowledge they were never available seperately and as the Mamoli factory went up in smoke,the only option would be to get a half built model and cannibalise it for them.

Personally though,having seen many Mamoli builds,I think these gunports can be more of a curse than a blessing.Your better option would be to make some wooden boxes up and glue one side to the bulkhead.This will make sanding the hull easier and you are not dictated by the tab positions,from what I have seen,rarely do these line up like the manufacturer intended.


Kind Regards



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