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World War II American High Speed Transports (APD) Colhoun Class (Wickes Hulls): A Study in Blueprints

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World War II American High Speed Transports (APD) Colhoun Class (Wickes Hulls): A Study in Blueprints

by Duane D. Borchers

Annapolis, MD: Maryland Silver Co., 2001

11” x 17”, softcover (Acco-Press type covers), viii + 133 pages

tables, plans, index. $60.00


I came across this book while researching a model of the WW II high-speed transport USS McKean (APD 5), a converted WW I era flush deck Wickes class destroyer. The book is one of a series of similar reference books in Maryland Silver Company’s A Study in Blueprints series covering primarily 20th century US Navy ships. 


This volume contains the following information:

  • table of contents
  • tables of ship characteristics for selected ships of the class (dimensions, displacement, capacities, manning, armament, etc.) 
  • ship’s history for each ship in the class, drawn primarily from the Dictionary of American Fighting Ships (DANFS)
  • ships plans, taken primarily from booklets of general plans for selected ships of the class, augmented with a large scale body plan
  • index 

The book is printed on 11” x 17” copier paper. Tables and text are reproduced well, but drawing quality varies, no doubt based on the quality of the originals. See samples below:







I found the book to be a very useful reference source and can recommend books of the series to others in need of similar information.

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