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Question: cutty sark accommodation ladder stowage

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I read that the Cutty Sark's accommodation ladder was removed and stowed when she was underway.  It makes sense if you see how it is attached (hook and eye).



What I haven't been able to find is where the ladder was stowed.


Anyone know?




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I tried finding photos of the cutty's boat skids from when she was in service


Here is a photo of her mored to a pier.  It looks like there is something that has the shape of the accommodation ladder.



Here is a photo of the accommodation ladder with the same deck house  for comparison



Do you think that it is the accommodation ladder on the boat skids in the 1st photo?



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Maybe it will help Marc


At first, "fresh" picture




Obviously, there is no even trace of accommodation ladders


But ...


About a year ago, I discovered possibility of smart phones to make screenshot, and, translated to our hobby, also great possibility to, during looking to Youtube clips about CS, pause clip and take screenshot of some interesting detail


So, researching for look of cabins, and structure of cabin ornaments, I "screen-shoted" this picture




Unfortunately, I just can not remember how to find this clip again among 100000000 clips of CS. It seems that this clip was made during previous reconstruction, before fire, when all cabins were out of ship, at dry


Adn, OMG - here are accommodation laders  !!!!!! Or, THERE WERE LADDERS !!!! But not idea - where !


This lead me to theory that ladders were permanently removed during last reconstruction after fire

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