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drawings/photos of the Preston and Popham type of binnacles (edited by admin)

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Hello All,


I am developing a new resource called 'Background Resources' to be posted onto the MSW/ NRG website only and have received immense support from so many members. This exercise has no commercial implications whatsoever.


At the moment, I am writing about ship binnacles but am having trouble locating images/ drawings/photos of the Preston and Popham type of binnacles [they followed the standard compass + lamp(s) cabinet-type binnacle form that existed during the 17 - 18C that so many of us are familiar with].


These latter binnacles were more of a taller and narrower upright box with slanted sides on the top section. Crew could look into these forms through glass sections; they were the precursor to all the binnacles that were in use from 1860 onwards.


So ... if anybody can help me with any images, etc., that I could publish, that would be most appreciated. Maybe some photos of these Preston/ Popham binnacles that have been built on models ? I found some images on the internet but they were from Google digitized old publications and I am not sure if I can use those. The last thing I want to do is to infringe on any copyright and that is why I have approached so many MSW people to seek the permission to use their photos.


Any help would be appreciated.



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