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ZIP Seizings


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Hi guys,


Has anyone had experience with Hubert Sicard's ZIP Seizings?


They're prefabricated seizings you make yourself by wrapping thread closely around an armature like a drill bit of the size needed, gluing the thread with thin CA, and prying it off with a close fitting plate and a lever, then cutting the resulting coil into the needed lengths.


They are then put on the rigging line where a seizing is needed.  I've found them great for shrouds and deadeyes since the shroud can be adjusted for length while mounted to the deadeye, so all are even.



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Hi Chazz.

Take a look at the links






(Sorry, but if you have problem with the second link , I don't know why it doesn't work properly...works perfect through the first link though)





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I did use Hubert's idea a lot for my Sherbourne, but then I settled in the end for making the seizings by hand. I found the CA could sometimes crack in the middle of a seizing after a day or so as well as leaving a glossy or speckly appearance. I also found that making the seizings properly was in the end just as quick as using the CA method.


That said, however, I did find that making very small thimbles of various sizes by wrapping thread round a drill bit and covering with CA was a very useful way of doing it and I'll probably continue to use the method for that purpose. You can see examples at http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/335-hmc-sherbourne-1763-by-tkay11-finished-–-caldercraft-–-scale-164-a-novice’s-caldercraft-sherbourne/?p=420952



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Like Tony, I try and tie all of my seizings by hand, using the standard "whipping" knot that Sicard demonstrates. The zip seizings soaked in CA stand out to much for my taste. I do however use his zip seizings on those impossible knots, where you can't get good access, and since they are by nature, buried somewhere, you really can't see the CA seizings. It helps in a pinch.

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