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Amerigo Vespucci kits comparison

Don Jane

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I am planning my next build and I am leaning to the Amerigo Vespucci - can anyone give me info on the Mantua ans Mamoli Kits

Thank you


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I would suggest you narrow your choices down to a couple of kits and then read some of the corresponding build logs.  This will give you the best way to compare the kits you are interested in.  After all, every company makes both good and bad kits.


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Hi, I am building the Mantua kit and it is a top rate kit. The wood is top quality and the fittings are excellent. A big plus is the fact you can buy it as a multi kit.  Highly recommend this kit, it will make an excellent model when finished. The picture is just one part of the 8 kit parts, 9 if you include the sail set. DSC_3978.thumb.JPG.19a46b6caab02bd642ee1a5266f47fe0.JPG

In work


Unfinished kit

Revell Container-ship-colombo-express


AL -  King of the Mississippi


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