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Hello there 

i did some mistake when doing the fairing proces on the last bulkhead  (only in the corners )...

i sanded not to the right angle ..

there is a filler the will be able to hold the glue for the planks on that spots ? 

I have some wood filler but it water base and im afraid to use it over ther ( that spots need to hold the planks with some pressure ...

and also i dont know if the filler can hold glue at all ...

i will be more than happy to hear more idias for how to fix that corners and bring then tonthe right angle 

Best regads 


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Thank you ,

but i will do what ever i can without cutting that corner , to do this it will be the last option hope no getting there...

today i went to some carpenter in my city and i show them the case ..

he told me about some liquid(resin)  that you need to mix with wood powder (i have a lot of that powder in all over my room lol )

so i bought that liquid and just waiting to finish my work for getting home to check this out :) 
here is the link for that product they told me that it will hold on it carpenter glue and its very hard when it get dry .....



i hope to update that post with good news God willing :)


best regards 


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There is one other thing to bear in mind.

It depends on how you will clamp the planks.

Some fillers are very hard and if you want to use small nails to clamp planks you might find them bending when going into the filler.



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Hello Nick , 

thanks for your comment :)

for that thing im not worry at all its a very little aria so i can drill before puting the nail...


about that liquid i think its a revolution for us the builders !!!!!

when the mix of that liquid and wood powder getting dry its more hard than the wood !!!!!!! 

The best thing E V E R ! ! ! 


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