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Hello from Ages of Sail!


We just wanted to let everyone here on MSW know that there is still some remaining original Mamoli stock available. We haven't checked with Daniel Dusek yet on his timeline of release for his Mamoli kits. We have the updated Mini-Mamoli kits he's now producing, and there's a lot of them!


But, if you're anxious to build one of these larger sized kits, as you can see, we're running pretty low on them. We've listed some of the more popular kits that we still have in stock, but are running low. When these are gone, that's it. No more until Daniel can do the production on them again.


  • MV19 Roter Lowe  x4
  • MV21 Sao Miguel  x5
  • MV22 Blue Shadown  x4
  • MV24 Friesland  x1
  • MV25 Marseille  x3
  • MV26 America  x12
  • MV29 Il Leudo  x4
  • MV31 USS Constitution  x2
  • MV33 Gretel x2
  • MV34 Le Gloire x5
  • MV35 Hunter  x5
  • MV36 Rattlesnake x1
  • MV37 Halifax x4
  • MV38 Le Coureur  x4
  • MV40 Royal Louis x2
  • MV41 Flying Cloud x5
  • MV45 Portsmouth  x4
  • MV46 Black Prince  x2
  • MV48 Lexington  x7
  • MV49 Mayflower  x3
  • MV43 Puritan x1
  • MV51 Catalina  x5
  • MV54 Jenny  x2
  • MV56 HMS Victory x2
  • MV57 Amerigo Vespucci  x8
  • MV59 Swift  x9
  • MV80 Prince  x16
  • MV81 Valliant  x11
  • MV82 Blackbeard  x6


If you don't see what you're looking for here, it's either a Mini-Mamoli kit, or it's gone. And, since Mamoli is no more, please keep in mind we can't get replacement parts. 


This list is correct as of this original posting. We can't guarantee that we'll be able to keep these numbers updated. So, just consider this a snapshot of what we have today. You can always call the shop at 510-889-6000 to check on availability.


Visit our shop for pricing at http://www.agesofsail.com

Here's a direct link to the Mamoli products: http://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/mamoli.html


Thank you!

Ages of Sail



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If only I had the money!   There are a couple there I would love to snag before they dissapear!

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at least you have the Puritan already. I'd like to build that, but I'm in the same fix as you, and there's only one left, so I don't expect it's going to be there for long.


I also really have been interested in building the Yacht Mary, ever since I saw the Ships in Scale article by Jean Eckert, long ago. They're gone now, but fortunately, I managed to get my hands on one. 



Clare Hess

He's a -> "HE"

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