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18th Century Longboat by scasey88 - Model Shipways - small

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Hello, this is my first build and chose the 18th century Longboat for a few reasons, it would give me some planking and rigging experience and if I totally messed it up I would no be out a lot of money, and I expected a challenge, which it is. I almost gave up on it after seeing a few of the other builds here, but decided to carry on with it and do the best I could with the mistakes that I have made, I. am bad at taking pictures while I am working but here we go.


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6 hours ago, Andi Little said:

It looks to be a good start to me, and you obviously have the skills to take you forward - I think you are going to do particularly well.


Keep it up - well done!



PS, I'm a newbie too, and I haven't even got mine out of the box yet!!! :blink:

Thank you Andi, I appreciate it, What kit did you choose? The longboat as well? Get it out of that box and get started its lots of fun.:D

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1 hour ago, Tigersteve said:

Best of luck. It is a difficult kit, but you've made good progress. 


Thank you Steve, I made some more progress last night I finished up the planking, now I need to fill and sand, I will post some more pics tonight when I get home from work.



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Thanks for the tip Steve,

 I turn pens on a lathe and sometimes you get a crack or chip in the pen if you go down too thin and I have used that technique with excellent results, most of the time you could not even see the repair, the only difference is I would mix the sawdust with a slow setting ca glue fill the gap and sand smooth with the lathe running, I use ca glue for the final finish on the pen anyways, once you master the finishing with ca the results are a glass smooth finish that is durable as well.

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1 hour ago, Slideways said:

Looks good scasey

i enjoyed building my kit and now trying to build one from scratch .

cant wait to see your progress 


Thank you Derek,

I am glad that you enjoyed building your Longboat, the truth is I am just not that into this kit, and made many mistakes on it. Also I need to get one of those Optivisor things I am struggling with seeing the small detail stuff, I have got to the rigging stage and I am having a hard time with it, I do intend to finish this boat, here are a couple of pics of how it sits right now.20170907_183524.thumb.jpg.0b192603efa5fd9c397dbf90f1ba252b.jpg20170907_183440.thumb.jpg.37c8769294d58fdd280b163695676a90.jpg

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