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  1. Hello members, finally feeling better so I figured I’d post a short update , I have received my book and found some some very useful info in it , I am glad I purchased this book it is packed full of historical drawings and old photos of the. Logoda , and it’s whale boats. I also started receiving some drawings on the vessel so I will begin figuring them out so I can start making saw dust this weekend. She is going to be a nice size model at aprox 23” long 30” tall and 7 “ wide. I hope to get started this weekend .Glad you looked in , Derek
  2. No worries Andy , I been down with pneumonia. Glad you found what you needed . I am going to follow along with your build . So don’t hesitate to ask . And I will do my best to help you out.
  3. Thanks Tom and welcome aboard ,Yea felling a bit better . I have a aunt and uncle in Worcester, That lived there as long as I can remember .we use to go there to visit for a few days every summer.During the winter we would get a cabin on Mt. Tom in New Hampshire so much fun.
  4. Today I searched around to find a copy of To Build A Whale Boat: Notes & Model Makers Guide by Eric A.R Ronnberg, Jr. I found a copy in Texas and it should be here in a week . Amazon had a new copy but wanted $500.00 . Glad I found a nice used copy for around $20.00
  5. Welcome Aboard Javier Your Models Are Beutiful
  6. Hello fellow MSW members After finishing my Cross section build I wasn't sure what my next project would be . While looking at different boats i started thinking back to when I was young .I was born in New Bedford Massachusetts,and as a kid I can remember visiting the Whaling Mueseum . https://www.whalingmuseum.org/ and they always had such great stuff on display and in the Bourne building was a massive display of the vessel "Lagoda" . As a kid I couldn't wait to get to the vessel to explore it .My grandmother lived maybe a mile away from the museum so we would go visit several ti
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