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  1. I think after you get the sekeleton of the model completed you should switch to a harder wood. Steve
  2. What a great first model. You are learning a lot from chuck’s practicum. Before you know it you will be sitting back looking at a completed model thinking to yourself, “I made that!” And then your wife will be asking, “where are we putting this thing? 😉 Steve
  3. I don't know. It looks more scratch than kit built to me. You took plans and designed a whole set of bulkheads! Steve
  4. Nicely done. This should really be a scratch project. Don’t you think? Steve
  5. Finally, a Flying Fish! Best of luck. Sitting in on this one. Steve
  6. Nice start. This should be fun. What’s your plan for the planking? Type of wood, size of planks, etc. Steve
  7. Received my cherry order from https://www.crowntimberyard.com/. The photos don’t do it justice at all. Jason stated to me in an email that the color is closer to steamed pear. I have to agree and it’s a beautiful color. Two of the sheets I ordered had a couple of small cracks. I did email Jason to let him know. That was my only disappointment. However, I believe I have enough cherry for this project. Steve
  8. Take the instructions into consideration also. Unless Chuck Passaro has written the instructions, Model Shipways istructions leave much to be desired. Also, cost should be a factor. Constitution kit is very expensive and that’s a lot to spend on a first ship build. So many options and cheaper. You can supplement better wood on other options for less than the cost of the Connie. Steve
  9. Hi Ed-Just wondering if you were going to separate standing and running rigging on some of the rigging plan sheets in the upcoming volume. I’m sure the planning and assembly of this next volume is daunting. Steve
  10. Repositioned ZZ one more time. Bulkheads A and B were shifting out of square on the port side so some strips of basswood were used to shift them back in alignment before the dummy cannon support strips were added. The eyebolt at the foremast was created and added after the void was painted black. Now to put together a wood order consisting of cherry. The decks will be planked with cherry as well. Thanks Mike and Chuck for your input. Steve
  11. I received some new plywood bulkheads from Model Expo. Although the sheet was warped, I was able to salvage bulkhead 2b, which was the one I needed. Bulkheads are set and stern framing is complete. The stern was especially tricky to align and frame. I hope the fairing will balance any symmetry errors. I’ll have one more update before I put together a wood order. The laser cutting on the wood in this kit could be better. Very inconsistent, non square edges. Steve
  12. Nope, you won’t be using any nails. Not sure why they’re included. Steve

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