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  1. Get them as thin as possible, but keep a consistent thickness. Remember most of it will be covered with floorboards and other items. Take your time. Easy to break things at this point. Steve
  2. Thank you everyone for the support. I really like working with the Cherry. I think it might be easier to work with than the Maple I used on the English Pinnace. I’m considering this wood for the next project. (Scratch built Confederacy) Steve
  3. Looks like this blade worked for you as well. Was this another Proxxon blade? I am going to have to make gratings at some point soon. I do have the 1.1mm blade from Proxxon as well, but I have to make a jig for creating the gratings first. Steve
  4. I will clarify by including a photo of Chuck’s plan sheet. He explains his rationale for the design. I still have all the photos you sent me of the replica. I am still considering adding the scuppers if I can do it cleanly. Steve
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