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  1. Forecastle and poop deck are completed. I laid the planks first then created the hatches off model. Hatches were sanded from 1/16” to 1/32” after installation. Hatches were placed according to plan sheet two, but I think they are a hair too close according to a late look at the other plan sheets. Too much risk of damage to remove the hatch at this point. I guess I’ll be the only one who notices this on the model aside from you trained modelers. I sanded the rest of the unpainted model to knock off the shine of the wipe-on-poly. Have to make sure to do a better application of poly next time. Steve
  2. Totally agree with Mike on this. All great pints. No CA glue for a 6 year old. Larger scale wooden kit and short modeling sessions. They will want to play with it after. My daughter is 6. No ship modeling yet, but any LEGO she constructs she wants to play with. Steve
  3. Excellent work as always. I’ll take the extra jolly boat off your hands. 😎 Steve
  4. Made a cradle out of some packing material I had saved from a 3D printer at work. This should be sufficient to hold the hull while I work on the deck planking. Steve
  5. I finished coating the hull in white. After removing the tape, I sanded the unpainted strakes and applied another coat of Wipe-On-Poly. Building a cradle to hold the model is next. Chuck applied a thin wash of brown paint to his hull and quickly wiped it off to dull the brightness of the white. I will do the same after the keel is in place. Steve
  6. Just about finished coating the hull with flat white. Many watered down coats were applied with a foam brush. After every few coats the hull was sanded lightly with 400 grit sandpaper. Steve
  7. 1:96 POB Build Log PDFs (part 3) Part 32- Waterways, Binding Strakes, Margin Planks.pdf Part 33- Main Deck Planking continued.pdf Part 34- Main Deck Finishing.pdf Part 35- Forecastle Deck Beams.pdf Part 36- Forecastle Deck Beams 2.pdf Part 37- Forecastle Deck Beams 3.pdf Part 38- Channels and Pin Rails.pdf Part 39- Stern Fancy Rail.pdf Part 40- Stern Fancy Rail 2.pdf Part 41- Forecastle Fancy Rail.pdf Part 42- Fancy Rail Completion.pdf
  8. 1:96 POB Build Log PDFs (part 2) Part 24- Main Deck Structural Work.pdf Part 25- Hull Planking.pdf Part 26- Hull Planking continued.pdf Part 27- Completing the Lower Hull Planking.pdf Part 28- Upper Channels, Poop Margin Plank.pdf Part 29- Poop Margin Plank 2.pdf Part 30- Coamings.pdf Part 31- Decking.pdf Part 22- Topside Works 2.pdf Part 23- Mooring Bitts, Boomkins.pdf

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