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  1. That is pretty outrageous. Sorry to hear that. I noticed someone picking up my model to view it at one point. I thought that was a bit out of line as well. Unless you give permission that is not okay. Steve
  2. Prior to installing the boat on the display base, strips of brown felt were glued for a custom fit. Three days of rigging the buckets with handles and rope coils using Syren ULTRA scale rope completed the model. I did my best to tie sheet bend knots, although that detail is difficult to notice at this scale. This was an enjoyable project and I learned a lot. Thank you David for designing this kit and keeping an eye on the build. Ryland Craze and Mike Stuntflyer, our exchanges on paint strategies and finishes was invaluable. I hope the rest of you will continue to follow as I get back to the Mayflower- Model Shipways. Steve
  3. Yes, agreed. A drill will be necessary, but I don’t think she will need it for quite some time into her next project.
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