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Billings Boats Dutch Schouw


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I picked up this model recently.  Box was pretty well trashed but all the pieces appear to be there.  This is one of Billings' older offerings as the parts are just printed on the wood, not even die cut.  My question is has anyone built this model?  Is there a build log on the web somewhere? 


I did an internet and MSW forum search but there isn't much beyond a few pictures of completed models boats that have been converted to pleasure use.


One thing that struck me is the resemblance to one shown in Chappell's book "American Small Sailing Craft".

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My advice and comments are always worth what you paid for them.

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Aloha g,


I have built a newer version zeeschouw which Billing produced. There is a build log here on the site. It may not be the same model, but chances are the assembly of the model is similar. Check it out if you like.




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Build Log: Billing - Cutty Sark


In The Gallery: HMS Unicorn, HMAV Bounty, L'Etoile, Marie Jeanne, Lilla Dan, Zeeschouw "Irene"


A Toast: To a wind that blows, A ship that goes, And the lass that loved a sailor!

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Hi Peter

Nice build log.  The zeeschouw looks like it has a hull form similar to the schouw but otherwise is different.  The schouw is an open boat with less rise of the sheer at the bow and I think less beam to length.  I seem to remember reading on one of the websites I visited that the zeeschouw was a later development of the original schouw designed for use in open water.

My advice and comments are always worth what you paid for them.

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Not tpp strange that you can not find a log: the model was pretty well out of production when internet started. :)


it was my first larger wooden kit. So yes, I did this ship, and it is still in my room (somewhere under a large pile of dust :) )


at leats, i think you mean this one




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Hi Jan

Yes that is the one.  I haven't tried bending the planks yet but plan on soaking them in warm water and drying them with a large book on top to help with the brittleness.  Don't know if that will work but it is worth a try.


Can you post some pictures of your model?

My advice and comments are always worth what you paid for them.

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I did an older production kit of the Nordkap.  like yours,  everything was printed and not die or laser cut.  I was able to use 99% of the supplied wood,  although some of the smaller parts were the dickens to cut out.

I yam wot I yam!

finished builds:
Billings Nordkap 476 / Billings Cux 87 / Billings Mary Ann / Billings AmericA - reissue
Billings Regina - bashed into the Susan A / Andrea Gail 1:20 - semi scratch w/ Billing instructions
M&M Fun Ship - semi scratch build / Gundalow - scratch build / Jeanne D'Arc - Heller
Phylly C & Denny-Zen - the Lobsie twins - bashed & semi scratch dual build

Billing T78 Norden


in dry dock:
Billing's Gothenborg 1:100 / Billing's Boulogne Etaples 1:20
Billing's Half Moon 1:40 - some scratch required
Revell U.S.S. United States 1:96 - plastic/ wood modified / Academy Titanic 1:400
Trawler Syborn - semi scratch / Holiday Harbor dual build - semi scratch

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Here are some pics (after removing a serious amount of dust :) )


As I said, it was my first plank on frame kit, and it was a bit difficult for me: no experience, no power tools, no hobbyshop around the corner for replacement, and no MSW to guide me along :)

I remember tha getting the front and backend fit to the bottom didn'w quite work out as a wanted (the end-pieces needed some serious amount of bevel, which my sandpaper just woulnd't do, as it also wouldn;t remove the numers wich were painted inside the pieces)

Also, I danded the sides flat, but actually, the top plank should be sanded flat, but with a nice edge.

And I had some problems with the rigging (yeah.....) as Billings hadn't put enough of those silly plastic blocks in the kit (how difficult can it be to count till ten ;) ).

Wit respect to size: it is a large scale boat, around 60 cm high and long.

 All in all, as a thirteen-year old boy I enjoyed it, and I even did another Billings after that.








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