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Importing Images Into Sketchup

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Hello All,

       I've recently downloaded the latest version of Sketchup and intend to start working on some plans. I apologize if some of my questions have been covered elsewhere or if it becomes immediately obvious that my ambitions far exceed my potential skill, but here goes. First, is there a way to import a scanned (jpeg or other type of image file) of a plan into Sketchup to begin adding lines, etc.? Also, is there anyone here that is using Sketchup for a 2D set of plans to develop framing and working drawings for a ship model? I've seen quite a few 3D discussions, but someone's step-by-step approach - sort of a "Ship Model Plans In Sketchup For Dummies" - with me being the dummy, would be hugely helpful.


Many Thanks,

Bill Abbott


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In the meny select "Import" , you will get option of various types of extension such as TIFF and more.

What is important is to explode the picture so you have possibility of editing. This way you can create areas.


Btw, I love the cartoons of yours.. Like to see more in the theme of ship modeling and ships in general.

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Note that Sketchup's default image import resolution is pretty low. To maximize the line sharpness of imported images, which is essential for tracing plan lines, do the following (applicable to Windows systems):


1. Navigate to Sketchup Preferences. (Window|Preferences)

2. Select OpenGL

3. Check Use maximum texture size.

4. Click OK.


I included a screenshot of a windlass plan in the default and max resolutions so you can see the difference. These are rendered using a high-end graphics processor, so you can see that it is Sketchup that is affecting the appearance. Large images at maximum texture sizes will slow down the editing process without a good graphics card. See the Warning screenshot.


Default Res.JPG

Max Res.JPG


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