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  1. I'm sure some of you are aware of this, but since I couldn't find earlier topic on MSW i figured I'll drop this marvelous gem here. basically you can take a virtual tour onboard Titanic. it is beautifully modeled and there's a real feel of being present on the actual ship. those of you who haven't already be sure to check it out. I'm dropping a few screens and a video of the experience, and a link for download. it's free... ;)) https://www.titanichg.com/home
  2. I meant speed in knots. can't remember the exact number anymore, unfortunately...
  3. I've made some test for my Pegasus with water simulation, and wake behind the ship wasn't that much pronounced. can't remember the exact number right now, but I did some researching regarding sailing speed of the 6th rate sail ship and the number wasn't that high. I've entered the number into sim and... was mildly disappointed with the effect... oh well...
  4. Ed, that's the way I usually do it. I put a placeholder of required dimensions in the scene and then scale the plans in the background to fit the object. it's certainly not 100% precise but it is good enough. the thing is, when building ships you usually have exact dimensions stated for individual objects (Lees, Steel, NMM plans...), so use them when modeling, background plans are there more for reference than for CAD-precise-like modeling...
  5. please bear in mind those are just renders of the building process. the 3D model itself is not 100% finished yet, I'm still in the process of making sails. once that is finished I'll put the 3D model on sale on one (or several) of the online 3d marketplaces. but more on that in due time...
  6. take a look at this tutorial collection, there's bound to be something useful in there: https://stylizedstation.com/article/blender-tutorial-bible/ also very useful and good YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Blenderfan93 I would suggest following any hard surface tutorial (cars, weapons, sci fi ships and stuff). while the subject isn't actual shipbuilding, what you learn there should be enough to tackle any ship. at least it was for me... ;D good luck!
  7. here's one result using search in YouTube. there are tons of tutorials available, just use keywords for blender and the topic you require. I.e. "blender working with materials".
  8. Phil, take a look at this thread: there you can find the answers about software and progress. the renders are in .PNG format and any image viewer program will read them just fine. even the default one in Windows 🤣.
  9. excellent work! viewing this on my phone I thought that were reference photos...
  10. Google search came up with this. https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/inventor/learn-explore/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/How-to-export-Inventor-assembly-files-and-open-them-in-Fusion-360.html apparently it will import as a solid body, without sketches...
  11. also bear in mind that people were a tad shorter back then, and ships were usually cramped and lower decks had low ceilings. for movie making the crew needed to make everything larger for actors and equipment to fit in and record nice shots without feeling of being stuffed in a tin can like sardines. that's movie's visual language, I'm afraid. otherwise they wouldn't look so nice and cool and... my point, don't expect extreme accuracy from movie props... good luck! Denis
  12. Dan, another incredible build you have here. can't believe I didn't check shore leave section sooner. and, as Druxey said, very beautiful model of an extremely ugly (yet impressive) bird. well done! Denis
  13. amazing! someone needs to invent more superlatives. the ones we already have are certainly not enough. in any language!
  14. great work! now do her justice and take 157 photos from all possible angles for us to enjoy as well. 😁
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