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New member ,looking for plans for HMS Vanguard


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Hello, all in the guild. I'm Chris, a new member as of Sept. 2017.  I've been in model shipbuilding since the later 1990's and have built to date a dozen tall ships and service craft.  Recently, I purchased a Mantua model of the HMS Vanguard in 1/98 on e-bay. This isn't my first venture into purchasing already started models, but my first with a problem. No plan sheets in the box.  Does anyone out there have a plan set left over from an already finished model, or willing to print me a copy? Gladly willing to pay for your expenses. thanks for the invite into your group. ChrisE

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Welcome to MSW Chris! I would do as Mark has suggested and contact Mantua. Most of the manufacturers are good at providing missing pats and instructions to their kits. Plus then you know you have exactly what is missing. Good luck to you when you start working on her.

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Thanks for the reply, EJ_L. I've been in contact with Mantua.UK, about plan set, but events seem to be in slow motion. Guess it'll get here eventually. Going back to the Victory kit I bought online, there seems to be more missing than there is in the box. Oh well, live and learn. No wonder the kit was so cheap,($87). Guess this is going to be my first near-scratch build.

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Most warm welcome Chris.


Why I can not find any Mantua Vanguard kit anywhere? I've seen only a Victory Models  (Amati) Vanguard. You sure of your information?

Could you post a photo of the box?


Best regards




Edit. I just re-read the thread and notice that in one post you say Vanguard and in the next, Victory. :o


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