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I recently came across a batch of 4H mechanical pencil leads (the leads only as used in "clutch pencil" type lead holders).  This is the lead most often recommended for darkening the edges of wood and creating lines in planking and decking.


Rather than just get a dozen leads for myself, I purchased the entire lot of nearly 300 leads...all in new, never opened original packages (One dozen leads per package) so I could pass along the deal to others here in the model shipbuilding community.


Here's the deal for my model shipbuilding friends...price for 1 dozen 4H leads in original package as shown in the photo below is $6.50 postpaid in continental USA.  I'll ship the package in a padded bubble envelope with a cardboard insert to keep the leads safe.


I'm happy to ship internationally, but will need to know your country to determine additional cost for foreign shipping. 


Interested persons can reach me via PM and I'll provide my PayPal ID for payment.


Best Regards,


Cary, North Carolina


4H leads-1 dozen.JPG

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For those not familiar with 4H leads, these are invaluable (held in a clutch pencil/mechanical holder) for mark-out. Sharpened, they keep a point and one can draw extremely thin lines using them. They improve accuracy of mark-out dramatically! Cliff is offering you a great deal - take advantage of it!

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