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  1. Ever so slowly the first planking continues. I soak each plank several hours and clamp to the ship and let dry. Then I remove the plank and taper. So far this seems to have worked well.
  2. Well if you squint your eyes when you look at it maybe you can turn it into a B-17. In the meantime attached is the Halifax hanging from my son’s bedroom ceiling.
  3. Slow progress in the shipyard but I have done an initial single plank on each of the port and starboard side and have used tick strips and the planking fan to mark the taper on the bulkheads that the planks will need to follow.
  4. Ok, a bit of a pause here. I looked at the only other partial build log of the kit and based on that thought that I sanded too much of the bow balsa filler. I had sanded it down to align with the profile of the foredeck so there was no overhang of the filler, but in doing so it meant that the bow plank termination pattern was fully exposed at the sides and that’s where my planks would end rather than flush with the prow. So I added on more balsa and sanded so that they are flush with the top of the termination pattern and meet the prow rather than having the plank end meet the side of the te
  5. The balsa filler blocks being glued in I realized after a dry fit of the foredeck just how much sanding I had in store for me to align to the curvature of the bow. The result below - the foredeck is still not pinned and glued at this point.
  6. The material accompanying the model does indicate a 1741 launch date but then indicates a rebuild/relaunch date of 1794, and Jotika/Caldercraft indicate that this specific model of the HM Yacht Chatham is based on the 1794 rebuild. It was on that basis I had selected the original topic date category. However I will defer to the moderators if they feel 1501-1750 is the most appropriate date category.
  7. I’ve decided to add balsa filler blocks at the bow and possibly the stern - here is the first test fitted but not yet glued.
  8. A slight update with the inner/outer stern counters now glued in place and a test fit of the fore and aft deck.
  9. Thank you Thunder, that’s very helpful. I found the keel just like yours was a tad too short of the rudder post but I filled the gap with glue and sawdust and seems to be fine. I didn’t have any issues with the bulkheads themselves other than questioning myself as to whether I underdid or overdid the suggested bevelling. A photo here of the hull construction with the exception of the inner/outer stern. Scott
  10. Thanks all for the likes, and Thunder thank you for looking in, there don’t seem to be many logs of this kit and I’d definitely appreciate your input and insights as I proceed. Scott And so begins the sawdust - prepping the prow, keelson and rudder post ahead of gluing
  11. Hi everyone, I’ve been semi-active on the site for a while now but this is actually my first build log. I’ve previously completed one prior build, Endeavour’s Longboat. Onward as they say. I’ve selected Chatham Yacht as a level up in complexity. I’m attaching some initial kit photos for reference. Scott
  12. What often happens, speaking from personal experience with my son, is that if they are too young they “play” with these built kits and within a few months they are in enough pieces that nobody will ever spend the time to figure out how to put it together again based on the 100 page assembly instruction and then they end up in the big Rubbermaid LEGO box. Home to all the misfit LEGO pieces. Then you end up with what amounts to a box of imagination. Now that my son is older he builds and displays so not the same issue. The Saturn V rocket is awesome btw.
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