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Canadian Seafarer in Texas


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I'm a Canadian Master Mariner living and working in Texas for the past three years as a marine consultant.  I got my start on the S/V Concordia; a barquentine rigged sail training vessel that eventually went down off the coast of Brazil.  Since then I've worked predominately in the offshore oilfield on dynamically positioned vessels.


I've always loved models but haven't built any since college.  Looking to get started again, an old shipmate encouraged me to give cardstock a try.  


I sailed as cadet on the Sanderling; a RoRo container ship trading between St. John's, NF and Halifax, NS back in the 90's.  The bosun onboard built models of the ship from paper and found items onboard, which was amazing to me.  Now that I've looked into it a bit I can see what he was up to and am even more impressed.


I work on a lot of high tech newbuild vessels and have access usually to the general arrangements so would like to attempt some builds of those.  I'll start with the V108 as posted here to learn some techniques first.



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I have also retained  plans for that boat from a website, a few years ago and seeing this post I had to go digging to see if I could find where I filed them lol . I did find them but maybe I lost some because they don't make since to me. I have never done a paper or card model in fact I'm only on my second wood model now , I had done many plastic kits when younger but nothing like what is seen on MSW. When you start your log I will follow along maybe it will help me understand what I have 

Good Luck


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