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Rattlesnake Rigging Question

David Lester

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I'm nearing the end of my Rattlesnake rigging and have a question. I'm attaching the braces to the topgallant yard on the main mast. Each brace passes through a block attached to the mizzen topmast stay, then down through the mizzen mast top and terminates on one of the mizzen shrouds. My question is this - the line must run past the mizzen topsail yard. What side of the yard should it be on - fore or aft? The run looks more natural if it passes on the fore side of the yard, but that feels counterintuitive to me as it seems that it would be in the way of the mizzen topsail. On the other hand, the line doesn't run as naturally on the aft side of the yard and looks awkward. I've positioned the blocks on the stay as far up and aft as possible. 


The instructions, although detailed, don't address this and while Petersson shows the complete run of the line, he shows it in isolation without including the yard in the picture, so that doesn't help either. I've tried looking at photos in various build logs, but I've found it hard to find a photo that clearly shows what I am looking for.


I know this is a pretty fundamental question to be asking at this point, but here it is nevertheless. Any input will be much appreciated.



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Aft... if it were in front of the yard it would chafe the mizzen topsail. Almost oall of the rigging being led down to the decks, pinrails and such is aft of the sails.

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