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  1. Chuck, Thanks to you and the rest of the group for updating MSW. All the discussed improvements sound great. I am in favor of the era grouping. Thanks again to you and all the hard working members of MSW, and making this a GREAT sight for modeling!
  2. obsidian 12 It works well for me. Right now I am doing the lower ratlines and working my way up. Once all the ratlines are finished I plan on installing and rigging the yards. The hardest part is to plan ahead and make sure you have enough room to install the rest of the lines. The bottom area of the masts will be a real chore to rig. It will be a lot of monkeying around, but I like to solve those problems ahead of time. Thanks for your interest.
  3. Will miss you Dan. I know you will be making sawdust for ever
  4. I have always enjoyed following your builds. They have made me a better modeler and I enjoyed your problem solving skills. I will miss your help and wisdom. Take care Dan.
  5. I cut mine from a pattern and then adjusted it by sanding to fit the width at the bow. Glad to se you having fun!
  6. Your Conny is looking great. Isn't it amazing how building a kit model turns you into a scratch builder. I did the same thing with my transom rail. I have been busy with other projects this last year and am looking to getting back with Conny soon.
  7. You are doing a great job. I know the Constitution is a big project. It is really two parts. All the construction, which you seem to be enjoying and the the Rigging part. Just be patient and enjoy the process. I look forward to you coming posts. Have fun making sawdust.
  8. What a great project Hank. Looks like you are progressing right along. It sure beats my bead room model shop! I will be following your progress.
  9. Looking good Jeff. Glad you are back. Your Conny looks great! Looking forward to watching your progress.
  10. Daniel your model is looking great and I am following your progress. The biggest problem I faced when constructing my Constitution was the matter of scale. As my modeling skills improved I wanted to add as much detail as I could. The only problem was at 1/76 scale, how much detail could I add and still be true to the scale. There is a big difference in a deck plug at 1/4 inch scale and one at 1/76 inch scale. The same goes for copper nails on the copper plates. I went along with JSGerson and left the plugs off of my planking. I did include the nails on the copper plates. However, in retrospect, I wish I had left them off. Remember, it your model. I am sure your representation will be great. Have fun making sawdust.
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