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  1. Looking good Jeff. Glad you are back. Your Conny looks great! Looking forward to watching your progress.
  2. Daniel your model is looking great and I am following your progress. The biggest problem I faced when constructing my Constitution was the matter of scale. As my modeling skills improved I wanted to add as much detail as I could. The only problem was at 1/76 scale, how much detail could I add and still be true to the scale. There is a big difference in a deck plug at 1/4 inch scale and one at 1/76 inch scale. The same goes for copper nails on the copper plates. I went along with JSGerson and left the plugs off of my planking. I did include the nails on the copper plates. However, in retrospect, I wish I had left them off. Remember, it your model. I am sure your representation will be great. Have fun making sawdust.
  3. Welcome to the group. It looks like you are off to a good start. Hang in there and take your time. It is a long build. Have fun making sawdust.
  4. One thing that might help you is to grind the the clothes pin to the inside shape of the boat. I did this with my ships boats on my Constitution and it worked well. I applied the first strake and once it was set I used a spacer help out. Just plan ahead so the bow and stern will have equal spacings. The best thing about modeling is get to acquire you skills as you model. Great job and I look forward to following your progress.
  5. Hey Jeff, It is great to see you back at it. I missed your build log. I am again in limbo. My wife has me doing some crown moulding the house. Funny how the wife's list interferes with my modeling. This time I am planning on working on my Conny at least some time during the week. Have fun and look forward to your progress.
  6. Great job and congratulations on a great model. I look forward to your next project.
  7. Hello Larry, welcome to MSW. One thing about the constitution that I think most modelers don't realize is how long it takes to build her. The build will be a major commitment on your part. You basically have a box of wood and strings. I have been working on and off for over eight years now. You are looking at a model that will be over four feet long and over three feet tall. Once the major build of the model is finished you are looking at a large rigging job. You will have three full masts to ring and also a bowsprit. The great part of building the Constitution is most of the steps are like mini kits in themselves. The ships boats are great mini kits, the cannons are the same thing. Your modeling skills will be challenged when you come to coppering the hull. For me the Constitution has been a great experience so far. I started out by building Model Shipways Armed Virginia Sloop. Great build to warm up with and only one mast to rig. 😀 The best thing you can do is look at the build logs on MSW and see how the other modelers have done. Just remember to have fun and learn.
  8. It is always great to have another Constitution build start up. Welcome, and I look forward to your posts.
  9. Here is my latest update. Having the open hearts in place on the bowsprit made attaching the bobstays a lot easier. I attached them from the top down.
  10. I have my open hearts made and placed on the bowsprit. It worked out adding them now and not having to fight with the bobstays in the way. The thin line running to the foremast is just a place holder for now. Now that I have this done, I will go back and finish the bobstays.
  11. I am now working on the bobstays. I had already rigged the bobstay collars on the bowsprit. i like to do as much rigging off of the model as I can. Again I will let the pictures do the talking. Once I was happy that all would work out as planned, I discovered a potential problem. All the bobstay rigging would be in the way of rigging the fore stay hearts. I decided to stop at this point and work on the forestay hearts.

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