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I am working on a scratch built model of the Housatonic. The first ship sunk by a submarine. Housatonic was sunk by the Hunley in 1864 outside of Charleston's harbor. Anyway the ship has 8 launches on 7 sets of davits. Two of the boats I've decided to show the interior details. The others canvased. The point of my note is the I tried to make the dingy out of clay. It worked!!!  I used this method because of it's small size.


First I made a top profile full size to scale. I applied it to a plywood piece to make a die of the interior. The profile was cut and sanded. The basic shape of the dingy was sanded to it's final shape.P1080906.thumb.JPG.1f7d491106480ebd88deb939f4483465.JPGP1080908.thumb.JPG.6e790fd738187133d963018d8ac8792a.JPG   

I used comon air dry clay purchased from a hobby store. I applied aluminum foil on the plug so it would release from the wood die. I rolled the clay to about 1/16 of an inch. Easily done with a rolling pin or large dowel.P1080910.thumb.JPG.aac71cb9dd9ce9045122d110c12900eb.JPG 

I formed the thin clay around the plug. It shaped rather easily. It cured for about a half hour so that it was stiff but not hard. I trimmed it to the top of the plug with an xacto #11. It released easily after trimming. I did some preliminary shaping and sealing with a Q-tip and water. 


I let the form cure overnight. I pulled out the aluminum foil and the raw plug  was ready for final trimming.P1080903.thumb.JPG.98b2e4ee40cb7e289baf490f3c0196bf.JPGP1080905.thumb.JPG.c139e5696dca18a4228402f44acf2210.JPG 

To finish I was able to sand.  To stabilize I hardened the piece with a few coats of spray laquer.


To finish the transom was sanded off smooth with a flat disc sander and a wooden transom applied.  A keel and all of the interior trim parts were crafted and applied.

Below is the finished product. Gunnel was finished with poster board to give it a clean finish.P1080922.thumb.JPG.770a36a8caa8b8cb2926aca076d2f007.JPGP1080921.thumb.JPG.12465a0a9ae85eadc6921e9485c2e66c.JPG

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