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Several years ago I ordered some cannon kits (from Amazon, I think) that with a bit of alteration were perfect for the Great Eastern; that were brass and had the neatest little disassembled carriages.  I ordered 4.  Recently I learned that the ship had 6.  I can't seem to find them anywhere now, even on the company website.  I could make them from scratch but the hobby shop didn't have any plus I am congenitally lazy.  They were 31.5 mm long.  If anyone can help me with this I'd be plumb grateful.

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Update!  I suckered a friend of mine into buying this on his credit card, little knowing that his entire savings have been funneled into my unnumbered Swiss bank account!  Mwah ha ha ha!  But seriously, I got a big (for me) tax refund coming which will hopefully fund the lumber for the decks on the G.E.!

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