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Hacchoro by markjay - FINISHED - Woody Joe - 1/24 - eight-oared Edo period fishing boat

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Hi, this was a fast build so there are no building notes.
Fun build, great picture plans in Japanese and notes English translation from Clare Hess's blog on Japanese models. I owe him a very big thank you.
The kit itself has wonder Japanese cypress and magnolia. Laser cut pieces and laser indication lines for matching and sanding. Warning there is only enough wood stock for completing the kit, so measure 2x before cutting ;).





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Great job Mark!


I'm really happy to see other people building Woody Joe kits. I still have a large stack of them waiting for me including another one of these Hacchoro kits that I'm hoping to do some extra detailing on. Some day...


Are you considering any other Woody Joe kits?


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Hi Clare, thanks for the compliment.
At present I have two builds in various stages of rigging/completion and four on the shelf in the box, one in the box is Chuck's Royal Barge. Rigging is starting to become a bit problematic as I'm not as steady as I was, so moving to less complicated rigged ships opens a new door for me. I'd love to do another Woody Joe, really enjoyed the simplicity of the build both in design of the kit and the quality of materials.

Have you translated any more of the Woody Joe instructions?;)


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