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Heller Drakkar 'Osberg'


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I recently found a complete Heller Drakkar "Osberg" plastic model kit at a vide grenier. It's the version with the lighter yellow Heller panel on the top left of the box, so from about 1971! 5€ seems like a bargain.
As was standard, glue and rigging and paint are not part of the kit.
l have three questions:-

1.) What glue, other than that currently sold by Heller online is appropriate for this kit?
2.) The notes say use Number 16 thread for the rigging. The inevitable Google search identifies how complex thread description can be.
The only ‘16’ I can find is a weight of 16, the equivalent of Tex of 105, denier 950, cotton count of 5 and a metric number 9. Is there a more suitable alternative ?
3.) The major pieces look very shiny. Is there any prep required before painting, other than a light sanding ?
4.)  What paint is appropriate for a plastic model of this sort ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.



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Any brand name plastic cement for styrene should work, like Tamiya or Testors. The Tamiya  flashes off quickly, so parts should be in place when applied. The Testors has more working time, since it's thicker. Just be careful of any of it oozing from a joint.


Wash the parts before assembly to remove mold release agents. Wipe the model off to remove plastic dust and finger oils after assembly with denatured alcohol. Prime with a good quality primer paint, such as Tamiya Fine primer. You can paint with hobby enamels or acrylics. See what your local hobby shop carries(if you are fortunate enough to have one nearby).


Good luck


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Hi, William.


1. Use any plastic modeling cement, such as Testors, or CA (cyanoacrylate), e.g. Zap.

2. Just eyeball the thread size, but keep in mind that it's better to err on the narrow side -- looks better on the finished model.

3. The shininess might be due to a releasing agent used in the molding process. It can't hurt to give the parts a wash in mild soapy water, rinse, and dry.

4. There's a wide range of both enamel and acrylic paints available for plastic models. Acrylics are easier to work with, since they are water-based. If there's no painting guide in the kit, then use the box art to get a rough idea of colors to use.


EDIT: I see Canute beat me by one minute!



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