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I am brand new to model ship building and my first kit is the 18th century longboat by model shipways. I am working on the riser that goes on the inside of the hull below the cap rail. The instructions say to use a strip of paper to determine the curve of the riser in order to bend it on it's edge. I am not sure how I am suppose to do this. 


How do you determine the shape or edge bend of a plank using card paper? (I have index cards which I'm assuming would work). I've read some tutorials that talk about "spiling" a plank which I understand as determining the shape of the plank and then cutting the plank to shape instead of edge bending. But even that was not very informative about how to determine the shape or edge bend of a blank.


I have a contour gage that I purchased to determine the shape of the outside of the hull and I have been successful at using the to determine the shape of the normal bend


Help Please! 

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Jim, I've read the articles from there on planking. I saw some ways to do this on the outside of the hull, although it is still not completely clear, once I do it on another model it will make more sense.


Where I am still lost is how to do this on the inside of the hull, also the hull is only 7" long so it's pretty small to work with.

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Zack, since the cap rail isn't flat (relative to the horizantal plane), it has a slight curve, you need to use a card to trace this curve to use as a template for bending your riser so it can run parallel to the cap rail but 7/32nd's below it.  I would cut a card long enough to fit between the bow and stern plate then stand it up vertically against the cap rail and trace a pencil line to capture this curve.  then you can use that as the template for the edgewise bend. 

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