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Bluenose II by WEEGE - Artesania Latina

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Permission to come aboard:

First let me say this is probably the best website there is, the incredible amount of knowledge, and advice that is exchanged daily is amazing.

I first started a Mayflower build about 5 years ago and as has been said here many times when I got to the planking it all seemed to go south, so the Mayflower still sits in the drydock patiently waiting.

So with many things changing in 5 years, medically, retirement ,etc. I though it may be time to reengage with this terrific hobby, but I thought maybe a somewhat smaller build so I chose the Bluenose II from Artesania Latina and have been working on it for a week or so, I have poured through the build logs here and can only hope mine can even come close some of the absolutely incredible ones here, but I am determined.

So any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated, so far a fun build and I'm into the first planking still not my favorite but am working through it.

I read something on one of the builds here that you should make every piece your working on like it is a separate model and do your best on it then add it to the bigger project, I have been trying that and it works very well.

So thank you all for being here and please know that it is really appreciated.

I posted a couple of pictures  




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Morning all:

All was going pretty well, I'm still pretty low on the learning curve but rising, I first noticed that two bulkheads weren't flush with the decking, but a couple of cripplers seemed to solve that ,my next problem was the company AL didn't send enough brass pins for the planking, also the .028 brass wire was short by half, luckily I had some wire I substituted and worked fine so I ordered more pins from Model Expo and will have  to put the planking on hold until they arrive, so I started on the deck furniture.

The plan booklet that comes with the kit is very good, I found that if I went through and circled my language of choice it saved some time, the pictures are pretty good but I was a Quality Assurance Supervisor so I'm very comfortable looking at blueprints and I do wish that full size plans were available for this build.

I will post pictures of the deck furniture next time

Thanks Lou



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Well the pins finally arrived, and I finished the 1st. planking, it came out better than I was expecting I'm in the middle of sanding, and sanding and sanding, so I think I will try to put the second set of planking on after I get the hull sanded smooth I have a few spots that need filler but not too many

it wasn't as bad as when I did the Mayflower I still need a ton of practice at it, this time I pre-drilled each hole and that stopped any splitting  but I can say I actually enjoyed it I got into a rhythm and time just seemed to stop, I will post pictures tomorrow.

While I was waiting for the pins I started looking over the rigging plans I think I'm going to have a bunch of questions about this right from the start, like where to start do you start, with the shrouds, it doesn't say anywhere where to start I assume I'll make up the masts and mount the blocks but where do you start the rigging? Anyway that a little ways away yet but any help would be greatly appreciated


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Well I started the second planking and all seems to be going well, definitely not as hard as the first and I'm enjoying it much more still need quite a few builds to get it down perfect but it still looks pretty good to me, so here a few pictures.

I'm still a little worried about the rigging but one thing at a time!







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Well finally got the hull planking done I got the rudder fitted and the keel on today and it looks as if it's almost ready for some satin polyurethane I might have a few small spots to fill and stain but that shouldn't be to bad, got that done between Dr. appointments and other boring stuff felt good to spend a few hours in the ship yard, adult beverages and music playing what could be better.

The Admiral suggested maybe move the shipyard into the spare bedroom for the winter, my regular yard is a 14'x14' workshop in the back yard it's air conditioned and I have heat but it takes a long time to get it warmed up on those brutally cold days so I think I'll take the Admirals advice and make up a sum what smaller work station  but nice and warm over the winter.      Best Admiral ever!!! 


DSC_0045 - Copy.JPG





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