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Avoiding slack in standing rigging


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As I get closer to finishing off the standing rigging, I'm have difficulty keeping the lines tight enough as to not slack as I add higher stays. I have subsequently untied the fore topgallant and main topmast backstays, along with outer and main topmast stay, and springstay and main topmast stay. As I try to secure these again, it seems as I get near the end, one or more lines slack again. 


I've noticed a lot of people step the main masts, rig them before moving on to installing and rigging the topmasts, and topgallant masts.  Unfortunately this isn't an option for me anymore as the masts were completed as a whole unit and then installed. 


Is there a preferred "order" for securing these stays that may cause them to slack less? Or do I just need to keep adjusting until I find that "sweet spot" where everything looks taught? 


Member - Ship Model Society of New Jersey

Current Build:  Pride of Baltimore 2

Finished: Kate Cory

Finished for now (Not rigged):  Medway Longboat


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