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  1. Metal Heart - Accept ( 1985 from album of the same name) They were a heavy metal band out of Germany during heavy metal’s hay days )
  2. Thanks Chuck. Rope coils, yard braces, and a few lines off the lower yard, a few flags, and that should wrap up the rigging. Some whaleboat and tryworks hardware, and hanging the boats and that should do it! The end is close, but a lot of detail still to go. I’ll try to get in our zoom meeting tomorrow night if I can get out of work early enough. Hopefully soon after the holidays we can get back to some kind of normal and have in person meetings again.
  3. Work is moving along. All yards have been completed and hung! Each is complete with all reef, bunt, leach, lifts, and sheets. The braces have not been added yet. They will wait until I make the rope coils for the pin rails. The braces, along with the fore tack/clew garnet/and fore sheet rig would inhibit access to the deck. I'm happy to report there were only a few minor setbacks in the process. I knocked the boom's main topping lift, and had to re-rig that whole thing. I also managed to burn part of the topgallant halyard tackle trying to "de- fuzz" the royal clew line. I used a different thr
  4. Sweet Child O Mine - Guns and Roses
  5. Take the Time - Dream Theater (Images and Words) Anyone into the harder side of progressive rock, if you are not familiar with these guys, you owe it to yourself to give a listen. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Take+the+Time+dream+theater&view=detail&mid=7BF5A14867A1D2EFCEB27BF5A14867A1D2EFCEB2&FORM=VIRE0&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3dTake%2bthe%2bTime%2bdream%2btheater%26cvid%3d58ceaa50673844b992ad113c1c816caf%26pglt%3d43%26FORM%3dANNTA1%26PC%3dDCTS
  6. 22 Acacia Avenue - Iron Maiden
  7. Life is a rock but the radio rolled me _- Reunion i used to be able to recite this whole song back in the day. Haven’t heard it in years.
  8. Looks like a fun kit. I've got my eyes on a clipper somewhere down the road. I'll be following along. For anyone modeling a clipper, I highly suggest a read through the amazing bulidlog of EdT's Young America.
  9. Harlem Shuffle - Rolling Stones.
  10. Topsail yard in place. It sure is getting crowded under the top with all those lines running through the fairlead holes. I used a row of 2.5mm wooden bulls eyes to serve as the fairleads under the top, and on the shrouds. The fore tac, and clew line, and the braces are left off to allow a little better access to the rails on the deck to belay all these lines. For now, they are run through the belaying pin holes with extra length, and the pin in each hole to hold the lines there.
  11. These Eyes - The Guess Who
  12. Don’t let the sun go down on me. Elton John
  13. Papa was a rolling stone- Temptations
  14. Picture Life - Scorpions
  15. Up around the bend. CCR
  16. The album was Permanent Waves
  17. Great stuff! Love the realism of your work. I'll be using these photos when I get around to the whaleboat hardware on my Kate Cory. Even for my 1/64 ship, I agree the line tubs are a must in each of my boats. Other than oars, mast, and a harpoon or two, I'm not sure how many more details I can stuff into my little boats.
  18. Nice work. I agree learning the history of the whaling industry is half the fun. You work looks far beyond beginner level.
  19. Did as much detail on the lower yard off the model as I could. Lift and brace blocks, reef tackle blocks and line, bunt and leech line, chain sheets, footropes and flemish horses. Everything went pretty smooth. I fastened the blocks to the sheet chain, and added the tackle line, then I rove the tackle through the lower blocks that I had strapped, but left a long piece of wire still on the blocks, so I could thread the wire through the deck eyes next to the mast and secure the block after the tackle was rove through the blocks. . I figured it would be easier to fasten the lower blocks to the de
  20. Perfect. That’s what I was thinking today as I went about business at work. I’m a little surprised it’s not mentioned it in the wonderfully detailed rigging spec booklet written by Erik Romberg Jr. Every line, size, belaying point, tackle, etc. is written about in detail. A little note on the plans next to the yard detail saying “ notch in batten for halyard hitch” would have been nice😊 Thanks for your help.
  21. Beautiful work. So, I see what you’re saying, however, I have a single tye, and, as you can see in the plans above call for timber battens, not rope slings/truss. So how would I get that strap around the center of my yard if it calls for timber battens? Maybe 2 straps around the yard similar to yours, on either side of the batten, then lashed together and the tye secured in the center of the two straps?
  22. Thanks Allen. The Kate Cory had wooden battens as shown in the plans below. Note the topsail yard has a halyard band and and eye for attaching the halyard tye. The topgallant and royal do not have that band and eye. How was the halyard tye attached to these two yards?
  23. My plans and instructions for the Kate Cory say the topgallant and royal yard halyards do not have a halyard band and an eye for securing the halyard. The directions simply say.. "The tye is hitched to the yards centerline and not to a metal band like the topsail yard". While the rigging specs booklet states "Tarred manila, 2 1/2"c. Sling end seized around yard in a bight. " There are no pictures of this in the plans or instructions. My question is, how was this slung around the yard with a timber batten mounted to the yard to fit it to the mast? My only guess is the
  24. Time is on My Side - Stones
  25. Thanks Bill. I’ll be on the meeting call as soon as I can. Working til 6:30. Unless I can sneak out early😁
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