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  1. Ladies Room - Kiss (rock and roll over album)
  2. The interior is coming along. A lot of new techniques for me.. Carving the windlass.. I wish I could have gotten some sharper, more pronounced angles. Blackening and working with brass. Used the Jax Pewter black. No major issues. Just make sure the brass is super clean, and brush it on. Turning belaying pins in a Dremel. This went a lot better than I thought it would. I was happy with the appearance of the pins. Just a few more things to add...Block and roller at the stern, rudder, thole pins, grapnel and oars. Wile I do plan on rigging this, I think that's going to wait while I get back to the Kate Cory. I've been itching to get back to that.
  3. Living on the Edge - Aerosmith
  4. Better by you, Better Than Me - Judas Priest- Stained Class album, 1978. Their 4th record, and one of their best.
  5. Thanks Chuck. And thanks for the likes. Got a few coats of wipe on poly on the floors and platforms, and added the cockpit benches, filled the gaps and sanded smooth. a few coats of paint on the seats will be next up.
  6. Yep. Very light. But it's surprisingly sturdy. I had no issues faring the frames pretty aggressively.
  7. Haven't updated the log in a while, but work continues. Molding installed and nails done. Again, if I had it to do over, I'd add the nails after installing each plank. Floorboards were up next. Bending these boards was fairly easy. Even the thicker ones. The tougher part was shaving the nylon line flush with a razor on the bent boards without shaving pieces of the floorboards with the edge of the razor blade. The platforms were next up. The aft platform is easy compared to the little platform at the bow. The angles are tricky, and I cut a few cardstock platforms before I liked one and then transferred it to the wooden platform. I still had filing and shaping to do until I was happy with the fit around the inside edge, and making sure it sat fairly level. Next were the risers and thwarts. I marked the distance from the top of the rail to the top of the risers on each frame as Chuck suggested. Then measured again to make sure. I took a lot of time getting the height right on both sides. Last thing I wanted was to get to this point and then have a noticeable slant to the thwarts!! The risers were then bent to fit, clamped to the sides, and marked of for nails. I applied the nails off the model. Much easier than it would be after installing the risers. Then they were glued up, with a clothespin "clamp" on each frame. Next up was gluing the 2 layers of each thwart together, then fitting them into the slots. The first thwart at the bow was the trickiest. Again, a cardstock thwart was made and cut too fit before trimming the real thwart.. I still managed to mess up the "real" thwart. Luckily there's plenty room around the edges of the laser sheets to cut a replacement thwart! So here it is as of today. I think I'll add a coat of wipe on poly to the floor and platforms before proceeding the the cockpit bench.
  8. The Lady Wore Black - Queensryche. One of the lesser known great voices in hard rock. Geoff Tate
  9. Beautiful work. I’m at the point where I’ll be assembling the platforms and floor boards real soon. Did you pre- bend and assemble the 5 pieces of floor boards, and after they were done glue the finished floor in place? I think Chucks instructions suggests pre bending and and installing each piece of floor board one at a time. Any advantages/ disadvantages in either method?
  10. If You Want Blood, You Got It - AC/DC
  11. Gimme Shelter. The Stones
  12. Livin Lovin Maid - Led Zep
  13. Half God Half Devil - In This Moment One strange band. Saw them last year as a warm up band for Hailstorm. ( yeah, I still to to rock shows).

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