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  1. It's been a busy summer. Baseball was back in full swing, (pun intended), and work is as busy as ever, and help is real hard to come by these days, so there's been minimum shop time until the past week or so. I did manage to reach a bit of a milestone. Belt "A" is planked. I've been doing a little rough sanding as I go in hopes of easing the final finishing when the hull is completely planked. I'm pretty happy with the results so far, being my first attempt at cutting planks. Chuck's Longboat was a nice primer, however it was real nice have precut and spilled planks. So there's plenty lessons being learned on this model. Anyway, here's what the first belt looks like today.
  2. Girl’s Got Rhythm - AC/DC
  3. No You Don’t - The Sweet /Desolation Boulevard LP. 1974.
  4. Under a Glass Moon - Dream Theater Images and Words LP. ( again... a great listen for any prog rock fan who hadn’t heard them).
  5. Then I'd say buy two! My guess is if one is used for it's intended purpose, it will soon be useless for our rigging needs. 😉
  6. What an absolutely beautiful model. Impressive size, and the details are amazing. Enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Money for Nothing- Dire Straits
  8. Slow going as work gets in the way. It also looks like we'll have a pretty full high school baseball season so I've been spending more free time in the rule book and getting in a little better shape. I installed the planksheer. I painted the outboard side, again, because I can't see another way to get a crisp line later. It was short at the bow, as many have mentioned. Pretty straight forward fix to add some length. I've added the whales, and I've started the first few strakes after lining off the upper belt. I found myself a nice pair of proportional dividers on E-Bay for under $40. I was amazed at the prices of this little instrument from retail vendors. The whales are painted, but I'll need to sand them more. The paint was more to get color on the top of the first whale strake, again, the only way to get a clean line for me.
  9. One of these nights - eagles
  10. Games People Play - Alan Parsons Project 1980
  11. Show Me the Way - Peter Frampton
  12. Some progress in between snow shoveling and work. I've faired the hull, along with sanding those low bulkheads to match the bearding line. Laying a plank across those spots seems to look OK. We'll know for sure when we start planking, I guess. I decided to go ahead and fill between all the bulkheads with balsa, taking the advice of @jwvolz . This being my first attempt at planking a deck, I thought this looked like a good way to go. I would also like to add the hatch and cabin moldings prior to planking the deck, so I though a solid base will give me the best shot at laying down level moldings. I have gone ahead and applied the first plank flush with the deck. this is a single plank, painted black. Above will be the planksheer painted yellow outboard, and below will be the wale also painted yellow. As I've seen in other logs, the only way I'm ever going to get a decent line here is to paint this plank prior to adding the planksheer and wale. Here we have the first plank installed, and the outboard of the planksheer pieces painted yellow.
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