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  1. A little update. I will proceed with the plan of sanding the bottoms of the offending bulkheads to match the bearding line and run smoothly into the rabbet. The bulkheads have been installed, taking care to square each one up with the keel. I did one at a time, clamped it up, let dry before moving to the next. Added the stern filler blocks. Hopefully I've come close enough on the shape of this thing to make it work. In this photo the port side of the filler block hasn't been faired at all, the starboard has been. Obviously more fairing is needed, but I thi
  2. I am I - Queensryche - Promised Land LP 1994
  3. Thanks. I just checked . They match up with the plans very well. All which leads me to believe my bearding line may be a tad high through this section. As mentioned above by Brian, I have tested a plank between the keel and the bulkhead, and I believe after fairing the bulkheads, that lowest plank will sit rather nicely between the bottom of the bulkhead and the top of the keel with a little edge beveling. I think I may be OK. I'm going to move ahead and start gluing the bulkheads in place. With the tops flush with the deck. Thanks everyone for the help.
  4. Unless I hear differently, that's the action I'm going to take. I posted the same question in the Framing and Planking forum and got the same answer there...Sand away at the bottom.
  5. I have cut and dry fitted the bulkheads for my pride of Baltimore 2 MS kit. They all fit nice and snug with minimal sanding. They will all sit flush to the top of the center keel once the char is removed, and all the reference lines line up nice. That said, I have 3 bulkheads, D, E and F that end well below the bearding line. Is sanding and fairing the bottom of these three bulkheads more than the rest of them what should be done? Or should I shim the center keel slot, raising the bottom of the bulkhead to align more with the bearding line, and then trim
  6. That’s a nice looking boat. I could live with that if I could make my kit supplied boat look similar. If shortening is needed, I guess one would shim the center keel slot, and sand the top at deck level?
  7. Thanks for looking in everyone. I'll be sure to check out some other options when the time comes for the ship's boat. Appreciate the pics and link. Right now, I have a novice question I could use some help with. I've cut out and dry fitted the bulkheads. They all slid into their slots nice and snug with very little sanding. All are seated completely in their notches, and all line up nice and level at the deck and all my reference lines. However, bulkheads D,E and F fall below the bearding line. (Same port and starboard) As you can see,
  8. I've decided on the POB2 as my next build. I'll save the rigging of the Medway Longboat for that inevitable time when I get a little tired of this ship. I've chose this model for a few reasons. Lots of interesting deck work Lots of available resources Love the lines of this ship, and really like the way it looks under sail. That's the plan going in...To make this my first attempt at sails. ..And last but not least, while I was contemplating what to make next, the POB2 showed up in a MS email for 50% off. 🤑 I've been looking at the first chapter of
  9. A little irony. I started mine in 1989. Worked only it for about year. It was just about at the same point as yours when you took a break. I had the deck, bulwarks, and rails done, topsides painted, and just about ready to start competing when I got married, bought a house, and raised 2 kids. It sat for about 27 years until 2016. Glad you didn’t take 27 years to get back😁
  10. Thanks for the kind words. The copper looks great. Glad you’re back in the boatyard!
  11. LOL I actually have the last post on you build log... 2 1/2 years ago...No worries. Mine sat on the workbench for 27 years while I raised a family. Ironically I was at almost the same spot as you when it went into hibernation, except I had finished the rails and bulwarks. When I got back at it coppering was the first task.
  12. Mike, You're so right about all the things one can add. I had trouble figuring where to stop on adding to the whaleboats. Mine are missing so many things, but I think there's enough in there to catch your eye, then give it another look and notice a few more items. Like I've said, not only was this a real enjoyable build, I learned a ton about how a ship works, and more than a ton about whaling and the whaling industry of the 1800's.
  13. Thanks for the kind words. I agree about the lines, and color scheme of the KC. Do you have a build log for your KC? I'd love to follow along.
  14. Thanks Mike. I'm not sure why it's not a more popular model. I guess it's the solid hull and the lure of the Morgan if you're going to build a whaler.
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