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  1. Half God Half Devil - In This Moment One strange band. Saw them last year as a warm up band for Hailstorm. ( yeah, I still to to rock shows).
  2. Sweet Child of Mine- Guns & Roses
  3. Some kind of wonderful. Grand Funk
  4. Some progress to report Sanding of the cap rail is done, and my horrible paint talents are on display. had some fun with the frieze. Turns out the sheets Chuck included with the club's packages were a bit small. Led to a little angst wondering if I've done something terribly wrong. Downloaded to PDF from here, and there was no issue with the length. next up, moldings. This is my first time scraping a molding, so I'm keeping the design very basic. About have a dozen razor blades later, I was able to come up with a shape I can live with. Next up will be adding the moldings, then it's time to start the nails.
  5. A few months ago my wife and I are watching TV and a PSA comes on talking about being a good neighbor and checking in on your older neighbors from time to time just to say hi and see how they’re doing. I turn to my wife and say “ We really don’t have any older neighbors “. She looks at me and says ” Honey, we ARE the older neighbors “.
  6. Jumping Jack Flash - Stones
  7. What you don’t know (sure can hurt you) Twisted Sister. Keeping with the 80’s metal theme. From their debut album “ Under the blade” released in 1982 after years of playing the club circuit in the NY metro area. I spent many a night rocking out with these guys back in the the day.
  8. Tonight He Grins Again - Savatage one of my favorite lesser known metal bands of the 80’s.
  9. Just a quick post to say this build is not abandoned. I know it's been nearly 1/2 a year since I've updated this log. I still have every intention of finishing this ship. Focus has turned to the Medway Longboat group project the past few months. I'm having a fun time with Chuck's wonderful kit. I will get back to the KC soon. I'm getting an itch to get going on the yards, boom and gaff.
  10. Fat Man - Jethro Tull (Double word score 😉?)
  11. Welcome to the Machine - Pink Floyd
  12. Looks great! As for the sheet blocks, EdT had to make a bunch of these for his Young America. I have one I need to make for my KC. Being that I don't have a fitting to fall back on, I was considering trying Ed's method...Well, at least a facsimile there of...
  13. Good catch,, I didn't even notice😎 Home Sweet Home Motley Crue Side note- Motley Crue's movie, "The Dirt" om netflix is a fun watch.
  14. Walk This Way Aerosmith
  15. Great work and great innovative ideas for all the pieces involved in the boat stations. During yhe the civil war it was very common to paint the sides to look like gun ports. I guess it worked to some extent from greater distances, but once the pirates or rebels hit close enough to see five whale boats hanging off the ship, the cover was certainly blown. 🙂

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