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  1. Good catch,, I didn't even notice😎 Home Sweet Home Motley Crue Side note- Motley Crue's movie, "The Dirt" om netflix is a fun watch.
  2. Walk This Way Aerosmith
  3. Great work and great innovative ideas for all the pieces involved in the boat stations. During yhe the civil war it was very common to paint the sides to look like gun ports. I guess it worked to some extent from greater distances, but once the pirates or rebels hit close enough to see five whale boats hanging off the ship, the cover was certainly blown. 🙂
  4. Black Water - Doobie Brothers
  5. Looks amazing!! Great work!! On the Kate Cory, Ronnberg's rigging specs has the cutting tackle falls wrapped around the windlass. I imagine they stayed there as they were used to raise and lower the carcass. For the tackle guy falls, Ronnberg says "The guy falls ran down to the windlass heads when used to adjust the positions of the cutting tackle. Once cutting tackles were properly adjusted, the guys belayed to cavels in the bulwarks." I took a little artistic liberty and ran the guys around the windlass heads and then to the cavels.
  6. I like the idea of adding the nails as you go. Wish I would have thought of that. It's going to be tough to drill every hole without missing a frame.
  7. Excellent advice. There's a lot going on in there, especially if you plan on rigging both tackles. Get it early while there's room. It is a centerpiece. It's such a different looking rig, and it's front and center. I chose the brand new rigging look with unpainted blocks. Not sure I wouldn't have liked the white blocks better.
  8. The bolsters are in place. Started sanding a little of the outside of the caprails. Lots of sanding inboard ahead.
  9. Frame centers removed, cap rail installed, and the task of making the bolsters has begun. I've got one I'm satisfied with. I'm thinking the tough part is going to be making a matching set.
  10. Outstanding. Everything is so crisp and clean. Really enjoying following this build.
  11. Well, here it is. My first planked hull. Sanded and ready to remove the frames. I made a lot of mistakes. Not thrilled with the seam at the bow on a few planks, got a little over zealous thinning the wales near the stern on the port side. But for a first attempt, I'll take at as a learning experience. I know if I did it over starting tomorrow it would come out better. That's the important thing. Keep getting better. I'm pretty happy with the overall symmetry. A little sanding at the sheer and I think it will be OK. Some more sanding at the bow is also in order.
  12. The boats look great Dave! And only a month?? It took me a month to do the first one on my Kate Cory...Now I’m thinking about stealing your idea for the card stock stripe. So maybe I don’t even have one finished yet!
  13. Thanks Chuck. And thanks for the likes from all. I have a question. When I get to that final strake, should the top of each frame sit flush with the top of the last strake? I'm guessing if the frame protrudes over a little we simply sand it down? What if a frame doesnt reach the top?
  14. Hard to believe it's over a month since my last update. Planking continues. I've broken more than my fair share of planks, so I got a lot of practice cutting planks. Also had to cut one a bit wider to get each side back in alignment. I cut so many planks, I actually ran out of extra space and I had to get another sheet of wood from Chuck to continue. (Thanks Chuck!) I'm having better results soaking the planks in water a bit and then bending with heat. There's some bumps at the bow I'm not real happy with. I'll need to do some work there, and touch up and sand other areas to get a smooth shape, but all in all, for my first attempt at planking anything, I guess it could have gone worse. 3 more strakes to go...

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