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  1. Another Day - Dream Theater debut album for this prof rock group. Blew me away when Ai first heard them.
  2. Lol. Yes. Just the modeler, and other modelers. Those details are lost on the casual viewer. But we don’t model for the casual viewer. We model for our own self satisfaction. ( well, at least I do).
  3. I used a combination of methods. On some I was able to get good angles and wrapping twice under and over in a figure eight pattern was easy. These lines held nice by themselves, and I was able to dab some diluted white glue on them, let it dry then cut the excess. Others, either because of access angles, or whatever other reasons, didn't behave so well and gave me a hard time. On those, I put a spot of white glue on the underside of the pin, worked the line around the bottom of the pin, through the glue, and let it dry thoroughly before attempting to wrap it over the top. On the s
  4. I’m at this exact point on my KC build. I too had the lines fed through the holes and then the pin put in holding the line in place. After making a few rope coils I was real unhappy with the look of the coil with the line seemingly going through the coil. I chose to rework the lines and hitch them under and over and dab them with a spot of diluted white glue. You can see the 5th line from the left that’s still through the hole. I’m causing more damage trying to extend and wrap that line than it’s worth. That one is staying through the hole and hopefully after all the coils are in place it
  5. Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Iron Maiden
  6. Metal Heart - Accept ( 1985 from album of the same name) They were a heavy metal band out of Germany during heavy metal’s hay days )
  7. Thanks Chuck. Rope coils, yard braces, and a few lines off the lower yard, a few flags, and that should wrap up the rigging. Some whaleboat and tryworks hardware, and hanging the boats and that should do it! The end is close, but a lot of detail still to go. I’ll try to get in our zoom meeting tomorrow night if I can get out of work early enough. Hopefully soon after the holidays we can get back to some kind of normal and have in person meetings again.
  8. Work is moving along. All yards have been completed and hung! Each is complete with all reef, bunt, leach, lifts, and sheets. The braces have not been added yet. They will wait until I make the rope coils for the pin rails. The braces, along with the fore tack/clew garnet/and fore sheet rig would inhibit access to the deck. I'm happy to report there were only a few minor setbacks in the process. I knocked the boom's main topping lift, and had to re-rig that whole thing. I also managed to burn part of the topgallant halyard tackle trying to "de- fuzz" the royal clew line. I used a different thr
  9. Sweet Child O Mine - Guns and Roses
  10. Take the Time - Dream Theater (Images and Words) Anyone into the harder side of progressive rock, if you are not familiar with these guys, you owe it to yourself to give a listen. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Take+the+Time+dream+theater&view=detail&mid=7BF5A14867A1D2EFCEB27BF5A14867A1D2EFCEB2&FORM=VIRE0&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3dTake%2bthe%2bTime%2bdream%2btheater%26cvid%3d58ceaa50673844b992ad113c1c816caf%26pglt%3d43%26FORM%3dANNTA1%26PC%3dDCTS
  11. 22 Acacia Avenue - Iron Maiden
  12. Life is a rock but the radio rolled me _- Reunion i used to be able to recite this whole song back in the day. Haven’t heard it in years.
  13. Looks like a fun kit. I've got my eyes on a clipper somewhere down the road. I'll be following along. For anyone modeling a clipper, I highly suggest a read through the amazing bulidlog of EdT's Young America.
  14. Harlem Shuffle - Rolling Stones.
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