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  1. Man on the Silver Mountain- Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. Debut album. 1975
  2. Thanks Chuck. They sure are tiny. Especially after working in 1/2” scale for a while. Yes, I’ve gotten pretty proficient at making those little locks. There’s probably just as many of those on the floor as there are lost thwart knees. 🙂
  3. UHG..I see I lost another rowlock on one boat. Better put these things away and stop fiddling with them until it's time to add them to the ship.
  4. The whaleboats are completed. I think they came came out OK. I think I got enough of the important details in. Once they're loaded with oars, mast, Harpoons, line tubs I think they'll look good. I'll say this, I don't want to make any more little thwart knees for a long time. There must be twice as many that came out looking funny or are somewhere on the floor than there are on the boats. I've tapered the boom and Gaff, and made the jaws for the boom. I wasn't having a lot of success using the method of a drill as a lathe, so these were tapered by hand. A little at a time with 220, and 320 paper, using calipers with approximate diameters marked off every centimetre or so. Then, once the taper looked good, 400 and 600 to finish it off. I'm happy with the look of the taper. Not as happy with the placement of the two holes for the belaying pins in the jaw, hence the filler in one hole.
  5. Walk This Way - Aerosmith
  6. Bark at the Moon - Ozzy
  7. Closing in on finishing the last two whaleboats. Some painting, cuddy board details (Loggerhead, cleat, steering oar brace), oarlocks, thwart knees, foot brace, lifting eyes, and they'll be done. (Wow...actually there's quite a few details I still need to add 🙂) I'll save the gear for when I need a break from rigging. I'm going to load all 3 boats on the davits with gear, and leave the spare boat on the tail feathers empty. I know the boats weren't fully loaded until they were about to embark on a chase, but for display purposes, that's the way I'm going to go. Hey, if it's good enough for Ronnberg's KC in New Bedford, it'll be OK for mine as well. Once I have these little guys finished, I can temporarily set them in their places on the ship so I can get the davits at the correct height and aligned with the lifting eyes on the boats. Then I can go ahead and get the blocks on the davits, and secure the davits permanently in place, and add the davit braces. Work has begun on shaping the boom, gaff, and yards. I'm fortunate to still be working through this crisis, but work is slow with lots of down time, so I've been bringing the yards to work and sanding and shaping to pass the day. I've got the boom, gaff , lower and topsail yards shaped, but I haven't trimmed the lengths yet. The plan is to have these ready to paint and start adding details to them as soon as the whaleboats are done.
  8. Beneath, Between, Behind Rush- Fly By Night LP
  9. Don’t let the Blues get you down Bachman Turner Overdrive
  10. You and me both Bob. I can’t seem to learn thin coats and trust the paint. I keep going over spots Instead of painting a thin coat, let it dry, then another coat-and I get lousy results. I’ll get there. Rayland - Absolutely beautiful!!
  11. Freewheel Burning - Judas Priest
  12. Thanks Bill. Hopefully we’re back to normal sooner rather than later. Be well, see you soon.
  13. Second whaleboat complete. Half way there. Special shout out to @David Lester for his use of cardstock for the stripe on the boats. Much better than trying to paint that stripe of color between the black and white. I made a red stripe for my original boat. So much better than trying to paint that line, and masking it off. Used a blue stripe for boat #2. . 680 I'll make the next two together and get back to rigging soon.
  14. That’s a stretch! 😉 You’re Ma Ma Don’t Dance - Loggins & Messina
  15. My Woman From Tokyo - Deep Purple

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