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CA Glue & Silicone Mat

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I did some glue up last night using dabs of CA glue on a small wood assembly, but the glue inevitably worked its way onto the tape below I was using to protect my self-healing mat.  I know wood glues come off of silicone mats pretty easily, and was wondering if CA glue would stick to a silicone mat?  If not, it would make clean up much easier as I wouldn't have to be scraping fuzz from the painter's tape off my work!  Anyone have any experience with this?

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I have not experienced this myself, however I can only comment on my experience with the materials used. 


Self healing cutting mats are usually made of polyurethane rubber, which in its uncured state sticks to virtually anything that doesn't have a release agent on it. Silicone rubber on the other hand doesn't stick to anything but itself. I have not seen any cutting mats made out of silicone rubber, and as far as I know they don't have self healing properties. 


So if you have a self healing cutting mat, chances are that it is made out of a polyurethane compound and CA glue will stick to it. 


Hope this helps. 

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If you arent too messy and have CA everywhere, some superglue debonder onto any spillage on your selfhealing mat should clean it up.


I tried it on mine, and it did work, but im particularly messy with the superglue, so the mat is beyond saving really...


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I did have a small mistake early on getting some CA on my self-healing mat which is why I put the tape down this time (my first Captain told me he didn't mind mistakes, as long as you never made the same one twice!). 


I was hoping with the silicone mat any excess glue would collect on the flat surface of the mat and able to be easily trimmed away with a #11 blade after it dried. 


Woodcraft has a Woodriver Branded mat that says works with some CA glues, but if any silicone mat would work, I prefer to pick one up cheaper some place else.  Also, I was trying to avoid spending money for something that might not work. 

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