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Anycubic Photon resin printer

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Not sure this has been mentioned here yet. I bought one for $560 AUD, so US would be around $500 or less I reckon (though it IS from China, so not sure how the price will go there for you guys now!...)


 Initial tests of its capability have been very impressive, the detail is astounding - the attached columns are 40mm high.


Downside is that resin is a messy mediun and prints require post processing - washing in Isoproyl alcohol and then curing under UV (ie sitting out on the back deck in the sun for a bit), its  also a bit fume-y so using it in the lounge room in front of the telly is not on - its a 'down the back shed' style tool. Also build size is limited, but I certainly see a use for it and will be happily  mucking around with it for a while yet.


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It is reportedly good for 0.025mm, though most users are happy  with 0.05mm resolution. There are  callibration  files out there which test minimum details, hole sizes, wall thicknesses and so on  - I will run one this weekend and report back... At finer scales the resin quality would also affect the level of detail possible.


There are many examples of users work which show the fine details possible  on the net, especially on the Photon DLP users  facebook group. These three  came up on a quick google search but can confirm from the source page that they were printed on the Photon.




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