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I have some of those commercially available sheets of planking- the ones with the thin black lines to simulate the caulking between the planks.  You find these in the simpler kits, and they are also sold separately.

They generally look pretty good, and hit the 80/20 rule, which is good enough for me in many cases.  (80% of the look for about 20% of the effort, compared to doing it the “real” way.)


A problem with them is that all the “planks” run the full length of the sheet, which looks a little odd, especially on longer pieces.


Is there a trick for adding in lines to simulate plank ends?  A pen is too dark, and the ink bleeds into the grain. Maybe there’s a pencil that would work?  I was going to try a variety of colors and hardness options, but then I thought this may be a wheel that has already been invented.....?


TIA for any advice...




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