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  1. I just created a new gallery for my USS Guadalcanal, and the software seems to have randomly picked one of the images as the “lead” or “banner” image. It picked the photo that I least want as the featured image. I’ve tried to edit the gallery- there isn’t a flag to assign a photo as “main image”. I also tried re-labeling the images and choosing “sort by caption”, but that doesn’t seem to have helped... Is there a way to pick the image I want, short of deleting all the others? -Bill
  2. Scratchbuilt, based on the Glynn Guest plan from Model Boats magazine. Approx. 42” LOA. Model of Guadalcanal as she appeared in June 1944, during the capture of U-505. Radar and forward elevator are motorized.
  3. This update is to let folks know the project has not been abandoned- it just spent a year on the back burner! It has been about a year since my last update, but I have done a little bit of work on the model over the summer.... After fiberglassing the hull, I had several rounds of sanding, filling imperfections, sanding, filling, sanding, etc. etc. Finally, in late fall I sprayed a coat of Duplicolor fast fill primer on the hull. Then I screwed up.... I left the hull in the garage, thinking I’d do one more outdoor sanding session before winter settled in,
  4. This is a big model- about 20 inches long. Kit is complete, with decals and flag sheet. Note that it is the Japanese release of the kit, so the printed notes on the instructions are not in english. The assembly instructions are pictorial with no text, so the only part you may miss is the names of the colors in the color table. The box had blue paint spilled on it- one end panel and one side panel have paint splashes. I understand this kit is rather rare- according to Scalemates, it was last released in 1980. Recent sale prices on eBay range from $50 to $130, s
  5. After reading the above, I dug out my copies of the 1999-and-older SíS Disks that I had picked up at an estate sale a several years ago. I assume they are the original ones, as they have the original Seaways labels and not NRG labels. I popped one in my 5 year old HP laptop, and it read it just fine. That PC came with Win8, with a free upgrade to Win 10. So not all systems with Windows 10 have an issue reading the old CDs.....
  6. Is there an index online somewhere for the magazine Seaways Ships in Scale? I googled, and looked on the NRG site, and came up empty. I am looking for a series of articles written by John Fryant on building and improving the Dumas 1/48 scale side wheeler “Mt Washington” kit. I was a subscriber for several years, and I vaguely remember seeing it. I have no idea when it appeared, so I figure a good first step would to (a) confirm it existed, and (b) find out what issues it appeared in, so I can focus my search.... Thanks for any leads.... -Bill
  7. 1. U.S. Coast Guard Cutters & Craft of World War 2. The classic reference book by Robert L. Scheina. Book is in good condition, with dust jacket, with typical shelf wear. Used copies of this book typically go for $30+. This is an extra copy, so I’m letting it go at a big discount. $18. 2. The Mary Rose: The excavation and Raising of Henry VIII’s Flagship, by Margaret Rule. Hardcover with dust jacket, good condition, some shelf wear. $5 3. The National Maritime Museum, edited by Basil Greenhill. (copyright 1982). Softcover, Good condition some shelf wear. T
  8. John, Glad you like the Duane! I built the model for my old friend and classmate who reported aboard Duane in Portland in ‘81 as an Ensign. That’s why I picked Duane over one of her sisters. My next 327’ project will be a 1/96 scale (40”) RC model, based on the Scale Shipyard fiberglass hull. I haven’t decided which ship, yet. One option is Duane in her 1940 Greenland Patrol fit, with the embarked floatplane on the fantail. Another option is Taney at Pearl Harbor, or one of the class in WW2 Atlantic convoy fit..... with 5 decades of service for the class, it is
  9. I would recommend giving us a few more details....😁 The scale isn’t enough- what ship, or how big of a model? A Nimitz class carrier is 1100 feet long, while a WW2 Escort Carrier is under 500 feet. Are you building a 27 inch long model, or a 5 footer, or something in between?
  10. Thanks guys! I think that solves my issue. Next step- order a new blade!
  11. To answer some questions: It is a Micromark #80463 Tilting Arbor Table Saw. Except for this one anomaly, The saw has been trouble free. The blade is on tightly, and I checked to make sure the blade wasn’t trying to tilt- it was firmly locked in vertical. ( And the zero clearance insert would stop the blade from tilting more than a degree or two anyways!) The blade it came with is very fine-toothed. I hadn’t really thought about the number of teeth- I guess I sorta assumed it was the standard “general purpose”blade the saw shipped with. But maybe not...?
  12. I have a Micromark table saw that was given to me. It seems to work fine for pretty much every thing I’ve cut to date, with one exception. I had a piece of 3 mm hobby plywood that was 13 inches long and 4 inches wide. I needed to cut it in half, lengthwise, to make two 13x2 pieces. I started to cut the wood, feeding it slowly so that rpm stayed up. As I got about 4 inches into the cut, I could see the blade was clearly off course- it was twisting a bit and now cutting a line not parallel to the fence. I backed the piece out and checked the settings again. The f
  13. I wish I could find a “ hull- shaped” storage tube! 😉 But seriously, the really thin styrene strips flop over like a leaf on an ornamental grass plant. That’s why they need to be in a narrow tube.
  14. I got mine from these guys: https://store.cleartecpackaging.com/clear_en/ I ordered the 12” thin wall tubes, and bought plug caps to seal the bottoms. Minimum order quantity was 100, but 100 from Cleartec was cheaper than buying 50 from someone else. Also, these guys will send a free sample- It came in a few days. I asked for a plug as well- they sent that too. I was glad I did, as the plug’s outside diameter is about 1mm or more larger than the tube itself. I needed to make the holes a little bigger, so they’d fit. I used a laser cutter to make all
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