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question on Bentinck shroud

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I'm in the process of rigging an old Steingraeber kit of the Mary Celeste which came with terrible instructions, so I've been using this site

and the books I have to try to get her rigged in a somewhat realistic manner. At this point I'm wanting to rig the fore topmast shrouds and

decided to use a single Bentinck to tie the futtocks together. The one diagram I have doesn't show how those lines are connected to the

shroud...are they simply rove through a ring or bent around it or is there a hook involved somewhere or should I just forget it and tie them

into the lower shrouds? Any help on this would be very much appreciated. The ship is a brigantine, by the way.

Thanks in advance!

Mary Celeste 4.jpg

Mary Celeste 5.jpg

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That is not a bentinck shrould, that is a catharpin.

a bentink is a real shrould going all the way down to eiter the deck, or the opposite railing.


I vant find any decent pictures on the net, but I guess at this scale, just roved through the ring will do. i guess in real life they are attached by a eye-splice. But that is a mere, completely uneducated, guess.



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The photos posted above by Captain Poison show the bentinck shrouds aboard USS Constitution.  The legs of the shroud consist of a length of line with an eye at both ends.  The legs are wormed, parcelled, and served their entire length.  The shroud legs are doubled and passed through a thimble spliced into the end of the bentinck shroud.  The ends of the legs are seized to the lower shrouds at the futtock stave.  If you look closely at the pic you will see that the innermost pair of legs go the middle shroud and are seized one above the other.  The remaining pairs are seized to each successive shroud moving out from the center.


The bentinck shroud itself leads down to the opposite waterway where it has a heart turned in.  It sets up with a laniard rove through the two hearts.  The lower heart is shackled to an eyebolt in the waterway.


The number of legs for your bentinck shrouds usually equals the number of futtock shrouds and should splice to the same lower shrouds as the futtock shrouds.



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