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Cleaning & restoring


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Hello all, I just joined the group. I'm new to ship building. I need help in a clean up & restore. My grandfather brought this ship home after he served in the Navy during WW2. He ran supply ships back & forth in the south pacific. The ship is Clemson class USS Alden DD211, it was one of the escort destroyers that accompanied his ship on many missions. Its a heavy ship, the bottom is solid carved wood. I have no idea who built it or where it was built, I can't find any markings on it. Any help on the proper method of cleaning would be greatly appreciated.


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Amazing. My dad and uncles all served in the navy in the Pacific because their moms and dads were recent immigrants from Germany. What a find and challenge now we are looking at the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Bastigne, assault on Luzon. Please post after pictures. Maybe there's a V.A. hospital close by with old sailors who can help.

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There's quite a few restorations in the Scratch area.  To search, use the word "restoration" and you should see them.   Often that key word isn't in the title.  


Generally, clean up (removing dirt accumulations) is via a cotton swap and spit.  The enzymes in spit assist in removing the accumulations.   I would suggest open a log as it'll be the best way to get help.  After the cleaning, the restoration can begin.

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