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Boom rigging question

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The stirrups are those vertical lines that hold the foot ropes (the lines that hang below the yards) to the yard. Lashing the heels of the booms means simply wrapping the thread around the inboard ends of the studding sail booms (parts 165, 167,169) and the yards so that the booms do not move. 



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Evening Antonio;


The boom referred to is, as Frankie says above, the studding sail boom. I assume you know what these are. Whether they were in use, or run in on the yard for storage, the inner end was lashed to the yard to prevent it moving. There was normally a hole drilled through the boom near its heel to allow the lashing to pass through the boom for better security of the lashing.


All the best,


Mark P

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Usually, as mentioned, the inner end of the boom was drilled with a hole. A length of line, knotted at one end, was passed through this hole, then around the boom and yard several times. The line was then hove tight with several round turns taken between the yard and boom and finished with a couple of half hitches.

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