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Swedish cannon of Tornqvist`s sistem

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My regards!

Question to colleagues.

There is on the drawing an element of the Swedish cannon of 1780-1790 

The naval cannon of Tornqvist`s sistem


 How it should look: A, B, C or else.




I can not find a  photo of this real cannon in internet.


Colleagues, help me please. ;)



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The drawing clearly shows a touch hole leading to the chamber in the usual manner. The protected hole on the side of the gun is clearly at the Center-line of the bore but not connected, so it being part of an ignition system is unlikely. Location at the rear and side of the gun, I would be thinking, 'aiming device', location poor for pointing the gun, sights on top are more common but being on the C/L of the bore, a logical place to indicate the elevation angle which is related to range to the target. may have had aiming marks that were used after the vertical angle was set from tables for the range. The device was probably removed for firing and was probably not used on guns that were afloat. Speculation on my part, guided by experience with newer guns, the tools change but the 1199999014_DIRECTFROMCEARCLICK315.thumb.jpg.b7c66666abe39cee34558c175af5d24e.jpgphysics remains the same.

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