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precision handsaw crosscut fixtures from a guitarbuilder

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Hello, I'm a lurker here.  I have a nascent interest in modelling, and I'm collecting ideas & information for the future.  But in the meantime, I thought that members might appreciate a couple of crosscutting fixtures that I developed after I fell off my bicycle and fractured a wrist/hand in several places.  I was leery of operating power equipment with one hand impaired.  


These fixtures are for slotting the fingerboards of fretted instruments.  One is dedicated for 90d cuts, and the other is for varying angle cuts for multi-scaled (fanned fretted) guitars.  Both were made from pine boards that were selected and cut out of No.2 Common boards after allowing the boards to acclimate to the ambient humidity.  


The 90d fixture:


The basic construction is a baseboard with two registration strips that hold the fingerboard securely by means of a pair of matched wedges.  The saw guide is fixed precisely at 90d, and has a self-adhesive magnetic strip attached to one side.  In use, the fingerboard is laid in the trough between the strips, and then the wedges are snugged to hold it securely.  Then the flush-cut razor saw is placed on the magnetic strip and drawn back & forth to cut the slot for the fret.   You can see an extended discussion here:  http://www.mimf.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3378


The variable angle fixture is similar, and I use a Wixey digital protractor (0.1d resolution) to set the fence.  A discussion of it may be viewed here





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Before I forget - there's another part of these fixtures  that may not be obvious.  They must be secured to a workbench.  Dr. Harry Vars, a very wise professor who was a pioneer of intravenous nutritional support, once told me, "Don't use your shirt tail for a workbench."  It was advice well taken.

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