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  1. The clothes pegs question I can answer: they are sticking through the gun ports with the lower jaw.
  2. I was about to suggest the same. Alternatively, you can do as I did - custom make your own bench. As I too have a disability (walking with crutches for short distances, wheelchair for longer distances + the risk of falling over without warning) I had to think long and hard about how to improve my modelling experience. I decided that having a bar stool set to such a height that I can easily slide on/off it will help me as I then do not need any support to get on/off the chair. I then calculated the ideal working height for my table top based on me sitting in that chair and having all re
  3. Was just reading in a Belgian newspaper about a Dutch team of archeologists excavating canons and othe equipment from the HMS Apollo, which sank on 06JAN1779. The ship ran aground on the shallow island of 'Razende Bol' off Texel. In an effort to save the ship the captain decided to dumb the conons overboard - but it was to no avail and the ship sank below the surface. Now erosion has revealed the remains of the ship. The team is in negotiation with the British Navy to allow to exhibit the findings in the Texel museum 'Kaap Skil', Oudeschild, The Netherlands this summer - provided t
  4. Sorry to hear about your husband. You have made a wonderful model, and I am sure he will appreciate the thought of having the entire ship to you and him.
  5. I'd say it is personal taste. Do you prefer close to historical accuracy, or do you prefer artistic licence that pleases your eyes. At the end of the day, you are both Captain of your ship, as well as the one who has to look at it (last bit is also the advice I give to my Bonsai students when they have to make a difficult choice and I get asked 'which is better')
  6. You can make your green lighter by painting over it with a very thin wash of white with a dab of yellow. A wash is basically a very diluted pint (i.e. 20 parts white spirit with 1 part paint).
  7. It was meant as a heads-up not a criticism. I am in awe with your work, and the research you put into it. I just thought that it would be a shame to miss this accidentely (of course, if you choose to live with it that is entirely up to you, as it is your model).
  8. The rower behind the one with the blue shirt (middle post of hte castle) might have some issues getting to move forward with his hands, as his oar will hit the post right in front of him. Too late to make a minor adjustment there? PErhaps have the post end on the bench rathe than behind it?
  9. Not particularly unexpected condiering the earlier posts, but sill, condolences to his family and close friends.
  10. This is frequently mentioned in the LSP builds (Large Scale Planes) and used to replace eroneous or poor quality rivets on plastic air frames. They can be painted to look like wood. http://mikegrantdecals.com/shop/product/rivet-decals/
  11. I cannot bring myself to like the last post. I love the pictures, but got a bit of a shock to read about your health issues. Wishing you as much relief as you can get.
  12. Try these. Have not bought from them yet, but the feedback I managed to find seeme generally positive. https://www.arkowood-lossburg.de/shop/brettchen/buchsbaum-brettchen-50-x-500-mm/
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