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  1. It was meant as a heads-up not a criticism. I am in awe with your work, and the research you put into it. I just thought that it would be a shame to miss this accidentely (of course, if you choose to live with it that is entirely up to you, as it is your model).
  2. The rower behind the one with the blue shirt (middle post of hte castle) might have some issues getting to move forward with his hands, as his oar will hit the post right in front of him. Too late to make a minor adjustment there? PErhaps have the post end on the bench rathe than behind it?
  3. Not particularly unexpected condiering the earlier posts, but sill, condolences to his family and close friends.
  4. This is frequently mentioned in the LSP builds (Large Scale Planes) and used to replace eroneous or poor quality rivets on plastic air frames. They can be painted to look like wood. http://mikegrantdecals.com/shop/product/rivet-decals/
  5. I cannot bring myself to like the last post. I love the pictures, but got a bit of a shock to read about your health issues. Wishing you as much relief as you can get.
  6. Try these. Have not bought from them yet, but the feedback I managed to find seeme generally positive. https://www.arkowood-lossburg.de/shop/brettchen/buchsbaum-brettchen-50-x-500-mm/
  7. I have no experience with this particular machine ,but as an Engineer my experience with tools is that the cheap 'all-round' tools are usually they are not good at any of the tasks they are advertised to do. However, for the hobbyist level of working this machine might do the trick, as long as you let the saw do the work: never push your wood through the thing, just guide it to where it needs to cut.
  8. pulling up a chair, as it is very possible I have missed al the fun in the past.
  9. I was thinking the same. Yu want them out of the way when not in use, but easy to reach.
  10. I am guessing, but it appears to me that the pipes go from the galleries and down into the ship at the point of joining the pipes. The pipe on the left of the picture appears to have a slope of approx 3-5 degrees, which is the slope recommended for draining. So I would gues that these pipes are used to capture rain water, thus increasing the water availability for say personal grooming during long voyages?
  11. Wonderful work. How did you solve your problem with the carving hanging over the windows as in post #38?
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