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HMAV Bounty by Brian Stein - FINISHED - Amati - Scale 1:60

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I decided to add my build log of the AMATI - Bounty 1787 which was my 3rd Build.


I jumped from the Lady Nelson to the Bounty and it was tough at times due to lack of instructions that I assumed would be there. I suppose going from a level 2 type kit to a level 4 means that you don't always need the instructions as detailed and that you would already know what to do.  Anyway with help from the build logs on NRG and Donny at Ships of Scale, I persevered thru it and about year later happy to have it completed and shown proudly in my entrance hall. 


Current Build: BlueNose II by Artesenia Latina 


Previous Builds:  Lady Nelson 1:64 - Victory Model 

Previous Builds:  Virginia 1819 1:41 -Artesenia Latina


Next Build : Amerigo Vespucci 1:84 - Panart


Setup Keel.jpg

Dry fitting the keel.



This re-enforcing needs lots of sanding.

 Front re-Inforcing.jpg

117594631_startofdeckplanking.thumb.jpg.1188c1fc8b1e52835b45238727476a59.jpgStart of Deck Planking315745753_usingbalsatoroundoutthebow.thumb.jpg.c561231054440b42c3f8316233c8332a.jpg


Using Balsa wood to round out the bow.





deck fitted.jpg


Planking starting to take shapeplanking.thumb.jpg.d0f0b063f74792802e3712c49c733659.jpg1087847630_plankingcomplete.thumb.jpg.48c6650d5c7365327b2f9adf2fcbc8a1.jpg

Completed First Planking




Added Deck and Trim.


Completed 2nd Planking and start of waterline and .


seciond planking.jpg






2109540911_Deckasembled.thumb.jpg.2a459d733ec2fb479a5cf18336d81e23.jpgDeck Filling out. 1926472180_Deckasembled1.thumb.jpg.006ff6510294ed0f54aadd766ba91f5b.jpg

Looking good at this point.


Stern Naming



start of waterline.jpg



Finally Completed.  I did not add sails or furled sails which I was considering.






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Hi Brian,

 I have always loved the Bounty, she's a beautiful ship that I've always loved. I did once (years ago) when learning the hobby only got as far as the hull and deck furniture. I didn't have the hands for rigging due to bad illness causing shaking so had to stop. I keep saying to myself that one day I'll try again, it will happen.

. First person through the door means I've got a front seat to follow along with.

  Good luck 🙂

.                       kier


Saving for: HMS Vanguard...Victory models.

finished: Bluenose11...Billing Boats... (sorry no log.

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  • 3 years later...


Does anyone know where I could get the printed instructions for the HMS Bounty 1/48 Artesenia Latina? My 74 father can not use cds and we got neither printed with the model kit. Can contact me at.       orion_7thstar@hotmail.com

Thank you



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