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LE ROYAL THÉIÈRE - by Heinrich der Seefahrer - a caricature of a baroque six tier warship

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Dear friends,

sometimes antiques* are ugly old thinks until you see something in them nobody else can see...


So this teapot crossed my way snd I saw the tumblehome of a French warship in it. So I'll use her as a trail&error project for technical solutions and to bring some more fun in here. 


Scetches by hand will follow in some time. Here the brass teepot and the picture I assosiated instandly with her. The  the spout as a galion with a figurehead and the hull inderwaterpart resting on the feet given to me - mo stand is to be build. By the way her name ist just the French word for teapot.


So lets turn teapots into mighty baroque ships!



*antiques: Bought by your grandpa, thrown away from your dad, rebought by your sons father.




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Six gundecks are possible here a first scetch for tje decoration and stucking of the gun decks...


My main design problem is to keep thegripp and the spout alive on the one hand and integrate them into the ships shape on the other. 


The sails will geather on only one mast and the bowsprit with hishis mast and three or four yards on it.


Only the feed will survive unpainted in their original blank brass appearence.


The wood, brass and plastic will be added on the hull. So I cannot solder due to other parts falling of by the heat on the other end on the pot. 

I got some idea about soldering a silver XVIIIth century teapot when it has to be repaired by a silversmith. 


So I now have got a plenty of stupid ideas I have to take away from these ideas that may work. The luxery of the baroque decoration is as helpful as she is an obstacle to me. 


So please don't hasitate with ideas, criticicm, cynism (classic british humor) and scoff- as such a prokect had nothing to do with modelship building... 


Lets have some stupid kind of fun!



Edited by Heinrich der Seefahrer
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15 hours ago, peveka said:

I am definitely going to follow this and you reignited my idea to make a clog-a-war ... best of luck with your project ;o)

@peveka But the crog as a doubledecked dutch fregatte? There is anything in a crog... b.t.w. the dutch word is “klompen“...


Even a katamaran ;)



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