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Fore course sail rigging

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Would really appreciate some confirmation of this section of a fore course sail from a Continental ship (17C) drawing. I understand (I think) the function of the three bridles (and bowline) attached to the leech is to keep tight the windward or weather leech of the sail. However, the extra line below the bridles indicated by the large arrow is to add extra strength in keeping the course tight under tough weather conditions ???? Does this piece have a special term ?



MSW quest..jpg

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Boudriot shows a similar line page 79, vol 3 The 74 Gun Ship.  (Marquart mirrors Boudriot, pg 210 18th Century Rigging.) The 2 Images do not attach to the corner.  He calls it the leech line.  I did not find anything like this in Anderson.  Boudriot's image seems to show a loop through which travels the leech line, then is attached to the cringle next lower.  


Since it is part of the leech line, it would have assisted in furling the sail.         Duff

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