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I decided to try my hand at using an airbrush.  Didn't want to spend a lot of money so was looking for cheap one to get started with.  Found one on Amazon called a Pointzero PZ-276 that looks like a Badger 350.  For $10 delivered I figured I couldn't to far wrong.  I have read Don' Airbrush Tips and his review of the Badger 350 was a big help.  I also looked at his review of the Harbor freight knock off of the 350 and so was a little concerned that what I was getting might not be very usable.  I got the pz-276 and pleasantly surprised.  Immediately took it apart to see how well it was made.  I was surprised, for a cheap airbrush the fit and finish was really good.  Haven't tried it out yet but think it will work ok.  Anyone else have any experience with this brand?  I would like to hear from anyone that has used one and get some idea of what I can expect.

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None with that brand, but I can say having used Paasche, Badger, and Iwata brushes, all airbrushes are damned squirrely devices, like the electrical system on old Jaguars. I have Iwata brushes now which are well made, but it doesn't matter- the ONLY way to keep them operating correctly is to completely disassemble the airbrush, clean every single part, and reassemble it after every single use. And you must have either thin pipe cleaners or the tiny test-tube brush style nylon brushes that are made for airbrush cleaning.


Seriously, don't ever put one down without doing that. The nightmare of cleaning them once the paint has dried is a massively bigger pain in the butt. Don't think that when you spray thinner through it and it comes out clear that all the paint is gone, it most certainly ain't gone and is hoping you leave it there so it can totally screw up your next spray session.


On the up side of course is that nothing can give you the smooth finish with fine control that an airbrush provides.

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I absolutely agree with everything Vossiewulf has written. Surgical cleanliness required!


One other type of airbrush that avoids the long, easily damaged needles is the Aztec. This has screw-on interchangeable cartridge tips and is easier to clean and faster to change colors. 

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I will second the comments above and add the suggestion to keep an extra bottle of thinner available while spraying to clean the brush between sprays, for instance when you stop for a few moments to rearrange your parts.  Even for a couple minutes I will run a quick cleaning spray of thinner through to prevent gumming up.  It doesn't take but a second or two for these fine needles to clog.  Good Luck!  The produce a beautiful finish.



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